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Mexican Bobble Heads - I NEEEED THEM!!

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OK.  So I am kicking myself right now.  I literally got back from Mexico early this morning and brought back about 10 of those little toy bobble heads for friends and family.  (I bought each of them for about 1 US Dollar).  My sister FELL IN LOVE with them and wants to use them for her Mexico inspired wedding coming up in October!


I thought they would be easy to find, since every store in Mexico had them in mass quantities....but every batch I find online is either double or quadruple the price.  Does anyone know of a Mexican Market online or even not (I can call and try to get them shipped!!) that would sell these little critters?  We are looking for around 100 of them....


Thanks in advance for any leads you can get me!! 


Off to hunt through google some more!



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