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Linen Suits @ Men's Warehouse - Buy One Get One Sale on EVERYTHING

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hey ladies -


this weekend, my FI and I went to the mall to see what linen suit options were out there. they carried one at Men's Warehouse - a sand-colored light linen suit by Calvin Klein. Dillards had none, Macy's had a few semi-linen options (not real linen but kinda looked the same... kinda), and Nordstrom's had several different pants but only one complete suit.


on our way out of Nordstom's, my FI busts out with, "Hey, I think I liked the one at Men's Warehouse." I realize that was our only option for purchase that day, but we're planning a year out, and I know he wouldn't have chosen it if he didn't love it. so we return to MW where they are having an extroardinary sale - BUY ONE GET ONE ON EVERYTHING, INCLUDING SUITS. so we could have just picked up the pants for ~$120, but FI and I both loved the jacket (even if he wears it only for the ceremony, that's ok), so he got a second GORGEOUS Calvin Klein suit in a silver-y gray to wear for formal occasions. the price for both? only $550 (after tax), which I thought was sensational.


just wanted to share the good news - according to the salesclerk, the sale runs through next weekend. best of luck shopping!



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