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Thank you so much!


My FI is a web developer and has a number of other websites, so he has an account through bluehost and we have our databases and get our domains through there.  If you are looking to just do a quick website I am sure godaddy would work fine!


I built all the code myself, I took an html/css class for work about a year ago, best class I ever took!  I have created recipe websites for us, our weight loss challenge websites, and now this website!  The FI had to do some of the more intricate work like making the RSVP page function and store our RSVPs.


Our Beach Bum agent just emailed us the packet, and I put a link to it up on our page just recently.


PM me if you have any questions! I loved doing it, I should have it as a little side job!!!  rolleyes.gif

Originally Posted by MrsSCK View Post


This is awesome!!!

I was looking into how to do this today.  Did you use "godaddy" or a similar website to get a custom url forwarded?  or are you hosting your own page?

Did you use a website generator/builder?  or did you just write all this code yourself?

Let me know!  Looks awesome.  I love the little personal touches and that you have info about your guests.  I'm using beach bum travel too!!  Question -- did you mail your guests this packet as well or just put it on your website?

Thank you thank you thank you!



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