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February 2012 Gran Caribe Real ~ Royal Brides

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Hey Brides!!

Here is our chance to make the most of our planning.

Lets share,



And where you are at in the planning process:


Of course you do not need to be Feb 2012 to join us. or even Gran or Royal....


I'm Shaleen.

Feb 24, 2012

Beach Beach and more Beach (but really having thoughts on the Chapel)

We are getting ready to book this week. I spent the weekend re-researching all resorts to make sure that this was the one.

My TA thinks I'm having Bridezilla tendencies really early on.... oh boy!

But she really is AWESOME!

I feel behind because it seems like so many brides are so much farther in the process. oh well.... Now I have to start thinking fast

I'm not good at that AT ALL! It has taken me 3 months to decide on a resort and TA.

Hope to:

  • be booked this week
  • Website at a minimum for viewing
  • STD's started. hope to go out next week
  • budget.... (scary)
  • Start dieting and kicking up the gym routine to prepare for dress shopping



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no comment



Im looking for a bride in the Cancun area with a wedding date of 2-25-12 or around there to share my photographer with. She is an amazing photographer and will be comparable in taste but much cheaper than "the leading you know who..."


Im flying her down on the 23rd to do my wedding on the 24th. PM me if interested.

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Hi Shay!


I just spotted this post! I am a Feb 2012 Gran Caribe bride - well vow renewal but we are going for the full monty!


I have booked for 2 weeks from the 9th of Feb

We have booked the gazebo at 4 o clock for the ceremony on Valentines day

We are on the Luxury Wedding package - you can do the basic and add all of the bits that you want, but I liked everything on the package!

We have 22 confirmed and booked guests so far, dont know if there will be any more?

I am in the process of thinking about meals, flowers etc but haven't really done anything concrete.

I have booked my makeup and hair with MPV - they are awesome - I had a skype conference with them last week to start bouncing ideas for the look on the day, and also we are doing an unusual TTD ( all our kids are doing it with us) so we talked over the funky stuff that we might do for all the girls for that . Their attention to detail is amazing!

I have booked my photographer - we are using fineartstudio, I looked around - a lot - and the packages that they offer are superb value for money and more importantly i love their style. They are already in email communication talking things through with me, and they have also agreed to liaise with the makeup artists for TTD locations so that we get exactly the feel that we are after! They are very patient and answer all of my questions very happily so at the moment I am very happy with them.


Have you had an contact with the wedding coordinators yet?


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Sorry I didnt reply until now. I have been in contact with Andrea. She has been great so far! You have so much organized already! I love your TTD idea! We are bringing our photographer with and she is doing a TTD/Post bridal shoot for us too. Im going to have our 2 yr old son in there as well.... now that you gave me the idea!

Have you found a dress yet?

What are your ceremony and reception locations?


Thanks for joining me!

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We have our photographer booked now. Its actually one of the few things we are certain about.


I think I found my dress! Yay!  ( I think....)  I tried it on a few weeks ago and I haven't stopped thinking about it. I went out dress shopping all day yesterday and at the end of the day it was still #1 on my mind! So I started searching on-line for the make and style number. I found a site that claims to have this dress for sale for 100's of dollars less than it is selling for in the stores. I printed it out brought it with to the dress shop and asked what they thought of it and if they price matched.... they said all they could think of is that it is a knock off... I'm wondering if it is worth a shot. Has any one ordered dresses on-line for freakishly cheap prices? There are even some on eBay from china ($99 free shipping) that are cute! (maybe Ill order one for my TTD just so I can review them on BDW)

I am totally all about being cheap.... talk about champagne taste on a beer budget! Feel me??


On that note.... has anyone esle noticed that the prices for GCR - Royal (and airfare) are NOT as good as they were a few months back?? I hope this doesnt last because my guests are not on the booking band wagon just yet. I hope that some one pulls the trigger soon but I dont want them to pay more than they have to.



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hey ladies, congrats and happy planning.


I am almost confirmed.

My name is Rebeca date is 02/14/11 beach front wedding. I just got engaged a few weeks ago but think this is the perfect date:) I am just at the beganning of the whole process so pretty nervous.

Getting the date confirmed will start everything...need send std, invites, dress ohhh my!

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Hi Ladies,


My wedding will be at The Royal on May 11, 2012.  We're having the ceremony at the wedding gazebo around 4:00 (we orginially chose 6 PM and I'm waiting to hear if 4 is available).  I just sent out Save the Dates, but we haven't even booked yet, because I was hoping Jet Blue's prices would be cheaper and they only show flights through April.


I am also noticing that prices are going up.  My FI's mother called him today crying and said she had no money to make it to our wedding.  I don't know what to do.  We asked all the immediate family members if they could make it before we reserved.  We're going to Mexico because we can't afford to have a wedding in the States and now this :(


I think I have my photographer - flying her down from Vermont.  She said if I cover her airfare and room + $250 she'd take 3 days worth of pictures :)  Now I need to line up DJ, get my wedding dress and figure everything else out!


Good luck planning


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Wow!! This sounds just like my situation!! They said they were going but now all they do is complain about how they have no money to go!! I'm praying that they figure something out fast... It's stressing me out! We told them at the time that we booked that they could save 100$ a month and they would have enough money by the wedding! But they have not saved a dime! I just ignore the complaining at this point.... But it's so frustrating and it will happen I'm sure, then they will be talking about it for the rest of their lives! I keep saying... "You will thank us one day"

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