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Any 2012 brides?

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Hello Brie! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! We are flying out of Calgary to Los Cabos in 10days! yay!! Choice for photographer is dependant on your budget. As a wedding planner told me, do not sacrifice your memories of your big day by getting an amatuer. We are going with emweddings and he has been great to work with but there are some others that seem good as well. I would suggest going to los cabos guide online and going through the photographers and looking at their work. Then email your favorites to find out some pricing. Thats what we did! Alec and T look like the best but very expensive! Decorations depends on what your theme is. There are some great florists there that can make table arrangements there for you or if you are looking to save, orientaltrading, or ebay or etsy.com are all great places to look for items and ideas! Keep in mind baggage allowances if you are bringing your own decorations. We are flying with Air Transat (transat holidays) and if you are over the baggage restrictions it is very expensive! If you have guests that can help by checking some luggage though you might be fine! my email is jdezzle@hotmail.com if you want to email me on any other questions :)

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Thank you Jen!

Congratulations as today is your wedding day! :)  I am sure you are having the most amazing day of your life! :)

I'd LOVE to hear about it when you return :) Enjoy every moment of it!!!!

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Hello Everyone!! We are back and getting back into the grind of everything! The first week of being there was less than desirable, I had a string of bad luck. The first day I was in pain from the pressure in the airplane and couldnt hear well. Day two The nurse at the hotel that took the bloodwork for our legal marriage couldnt find my small canadian veins so 2nurses, 1 doctor later, they took my blood and left huge bruises on both my arms (which were still very evident despite make up to try to cover them on my wedding day). After that we went into town to get our teeth cleaned and whitened. My husbands teeth were fine, but my gums were cut in one spot and burned from the whitening stuff. I couldnt eat without pain and definitely couldnt brush without pain for days. The next day, as my mom and I were walking in town to our hair stylists, i tripped on these metal rods that are stickin up on the side walks all over san jose and cut my toes, which bled the entire 20min walk. Thursday my dh parents got in and we went to town (san lucas this time) to get some more sun tan lotion and a hat for his dad. the driver passes the walmart that we wanted to go to so we had to take another bus back and then when we went to leave we got on a bus who said they would take us to our resort and then after going 2 blocks said he couldnt and wouldnt give our money back. Back at the resort we talked with wedding co-ordinators who wouldnt allow our fake petals we brought for the aisle as they aren't "eco friendly" so we had to pay extra for real petals. Two nights before our wedding we took a sunset tour which the lady said would be "fun" for our 3 and 4yr old kids. It was a booze cruise boat with men competing for a bottle of tequila by strip lap dances, pole dancing, etc. and the music had swears in every song. Not impressed. Our rehearsal dinner, the waiters pretty much avoided us and we had terrible service and mediocre food. Our beach bonfire was ok, the choice was only beer or a limited selection of pop for drinks so that was unfortunate.

The day of the wedding....went by soooo fast! My dh slept in my parents room with our kids and my dad, and my mom slept in our room with me the night before. The boys spent the day together and us girls met for breakfast at 10. I went back into the room to get ready and by 12 the hair/makeup lady was there. By the time she finished and I got my dress on the photographer showed up and there was only about 15min until the wedding! I had booked EMWeddings for 4hr photography and 1hr video. Well they exceeded expectations! He showed up with 2 additional photographers, so we had 3photo and 1 video for the entire 4 hours. They were sooooo much fun. A truly great experience! I will share pictures when we get them. Our wedding day was great but went by waaaay to fast haha. Wish I could stay in that day forever!

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