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DIY Pocketfold Wedding Invitations from 8.5x11 cardstock (w/ instructions)

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Hi there, my daughter and I really like your invitations, you obviously put a lot of time and effort into designing and making them. We are trying to design ours for my daughters wedding.

We are not having any luck in finding a nice damask to print, like some other followers we are really hoping you could also send us a copy which would make my daughter very happy.

Kind regards


My email is afishlock@@gmail.com

Many thanks

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There are many… If you go online and search on Google you can find various websites which can design your card in a creative and unique way. Recently one of my friends ordered designer cards for his wedding. Wedding Cards were very traditional and unique in affordable prizes. My friend’s family is very happy with all the cards. I am sharing Link on that website so that you can do the same.



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