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Villa Brides help me out!

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I finally picked a Villa! What ultimately made my decision was the friendliness and helpfulness of the owner. He's been so kind recommending nearby activities etc...


While looking online for more photos of my Villa, I noticed that it has been listed for sale.


Now I'm a bit nervous! I've noticed that a lot of Villas are for sale - but I'm wondering what recourse I have if I rent this Villa and it sales before my wedding in May of 2012.


Also, I have to make my Villa payments by personal check. I'm no longer comfortable with this because of the pending sale. I can't get my money back if I need to if I write a check, like I can with a credit card.


I'm not sure what to do.


Is it commonplace for Villas to be listed for sale and does this affect their 'business'?


Anyone else pay with a check?



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I'm not a villa bride, but I rented a villa when visiting PV in 2009 for vacay. I paid by cashier's check, but I went through a villa rental agency. I would suggest you speak with Jennifer Lawrence of Casa Bay Villas (info@casabayvillas.com), a villa rental agent. She may be able to give you some information about where things stand legally in your situation. I don't think the issue is the form of payment, but the fact that it's for sale. Even if the new owner is ok with it, they may not be easy to work with and a host of other issues can arise. Find out where you stand legally and also talk to the owner.


All the best!

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