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Has anyone ordered from Kodega.com.  My fiance has found the wedding ring he wants, and cannot find anything like it anywhere else.  We really want to order it but we cannot find any reviews on this company. Does anyone have any experience with this company?



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We considered going through them for our wedding bands but decided against it as we also couldn't find any reviews at all anywhere.

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I was interested in some of their rings as well but was concerned about the lack of reviews. I did some investigating and discovered that Kodega.com is the basically a distributor for www.weddingrings-direct.com.. The parent company is UK based and does seem to have good reviews. see http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews228049.html

Here is the email and response I sent to WeddingRings-Direct:


Hi, I found a ring I really like on your site, or rather on possible
offshoot of your site, which is why I am contacting you.

Originally I found the ring I like on www.kodega.com however I was
reluctant to order as I was unable to find any reviews about the site.
After some searching around I found weddingrings-direct.com and noticed
they had the same selection and user interface.

I live in the US and was hoping you could provide some information about
the nature of the relationship between kodega and weddingrings-direct? Is
kodega an official reseller of weddingrings-direct? If I were to order a
ring, would I order through kodega or through weddingrings-direct? Does
weddingrings-direct manufacture the rings?

Any information you could provide would be very helpful.

Thank you for your time,


and their response:


Thanks for the email. Wedding Rings Direct is the parent site to Kodega.com; and also some European sites - Kodega.de and Kodega.se. All the operations are run from the UK with the exception of some workshops to do resizes and receive returns, but the availability of overseas workshops/addresses depend on which website the original order is placed through. All the rings are made in the UK.

I hope this clears it up! If you are in the USA then I'd recommend you order through Kodega.com. That means that, if you have any reason to return the ring(s), you'll be provided with the US address for the return rather than having to post them back to the UK.

I hope this clears it up, please let me know if I can be of any more assistance.

Kind regards,


Hope this helps!

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Hi daisymable,


Kodega.com is a daughter of Wedding Rings Direct (www.weddingrings-direct.com) which is based in the UK. At the moment we aren't as active in the US and Canada, as we would like to be, but we deal with orders from the US and Canada on a weekly basis.

You'll find quite a lot of reviews on Wedding Rings Direct on the web. We also have a german website (www.kodega.de) and a swedish website (www.kodega.se).

Hope this helps!
Kind regards.

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