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RIU Palace Cabo Reception Ideas

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Hey again everyone---



Lots of questions from this curious new bride-to-be!!! We are planning a legal ceremony at the RIU Palace Cabo for 2/2/12. Just wondering what previous brides recommend as far as a reception for after the ceremony? We are expecting roughly 30 guests so not a HUGE wedding, and we are also planning an at home reception a month after we get back where we will do the whole traditional first dance, cake cutting, etc. So I don't really want to pay for a reception twice. Is the semi--private dinner included in the package? And what would you suggest doing after the dinner is over? Is it tacky to just have everyone meet at a bar/nightclub in Cabo instead of renting out the disco?


Should I really be worrying about these things 10 months before the wedding date?! Haha, or am I getting ahead of myself!? This all SO new to me, so I'm not sure how to go about the planning process!


Any input/suggestions would be super helpful!

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