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Riu-Montego Bay

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Hi cvjm14 .... Ill be leaving the resort just before you .... I get married on the 10th and leave the 18th of April .... The vendor fee is something I'm worrying about too .... Booked a makeup and hair person - her name is rashel Edwards - lots of reviews on here about her and she has a facebook .... Good price but the vendor fee bulks it up ..... I found a photographer who covers the vendor fee although I haven't officially booked yet - marcia Roberts. What are you thinking for after the ceremony? :) x

This is sooo cool :)) I'm getting married on the 8th of April 2014, just 2 days before you and at the same hotel...Let me know if you want to share some costs and/or items! I would be more than happy :)


my email is yvbanon@familylaw.ca

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Weird question but can anyone tell me what the pillows are like on the beds at the RIU Montego Bay?? 


Last time i was in Jamaica at the Grand Bahia the pillows were like hard little flat lumpy rocks....lol


Just want to know if I should bring my own pillow or not?? Brides gotta have her beauty rest! 

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