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I bought my dress today (ebay)!

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Originally Posted by carlymcmullen View Post
Thanks me too! I hope all is well on your end. Still figuring out the details?

You know, I think this board put the scare into me. I had a dream last night that my ring crumbled apart (from the thread about loose stones), and I also dreamt that I was pregnant! Boy, I woke up twice last night FUH-REAKING out!
smile120.gif haha, I'm scaring people and making them dream about pregnancy!!! SORRY!!! Still figuring out ALL of the details. Reggie doesn't want to go to Jamaica, b/c he's worried about me & the baby. I still want to go. I don't know what will be happening!!!

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No need for apologies. I swear I am terrified of that on a monthly basis. I do dream it sometimes, but having both of those dreams on the same night is def from this forum!

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