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2012 Brides - Roll Call!

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teamboyd2012 - I've been considering customizing my package too as we had originally chose the ultimate package and it was coming out to be a bit pricey and I didnt need all the spa stuff nor the photography stuff. After I saw your post, I emailed my WC asap! lol Being that we both went the same route regarding vendors, I figured what the heck, it doesnt hurt to ask. I sent her a list of exactly all the things I want for the wedding. Lets see what happens! Thanks for the tip! :)


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Enerlise -  So funny! We booked HDC and DJ Mannia as well! After putting all the pricing together we decided to book Mannia separately. Mannia's pricing is a bit better (price for 4 hours equals 3 from hotel) but once you add in resort fee it is almost same as booking through hotel.  


The determining factor for us was hearing what other brides were saying on this site. We put the numbers on paper and saw that if we took the free package and did the add-ons ourselves we came out better that our original package (Dreams of Love). And since we are bringing A LOT of our own stuff from home (and booking outside vendors - HDC, Mannia and Floral), it just made more sense.   


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2012!!!!!!  It's finally here!


We get married on July 4, 2012!!!!  We are suiper excited and nervous at the same time!


Congrats to all the 2012 Brides (and Grooms!)!!!cheers.gif

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