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Large wedding info needed!! Confused about Dinner/Reception prices...Pls Help :(

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Hello everyone.. I need help. Im a little confused about how a larger group works at the Grand rivieria princess. I have about 50 ppl attending our wedding and have received a ton of info about the menus and the gala room options. Now the WC told me that if i want to use the royalty package (which included a dinner for us and 38 guests) but have over 40 ppl attending we need to look into doing the reception on the beach party or in a gala room. Which is fine. Then she told me that it would be extra for the use of the gala room..which again is fine. Then tells me that i can choose from one of the plated menus (princes ranging from $45pp to $107pp) or i can choose a buffet option which is $70pp with open domestic bar. now my question to you guys is.. Do i have to pay $70pp FOR ALL 50 PPL or do i pay the $70 pp after just for the extra 10 ppl.

Im sooo confused!!!

If anyone has had a large wedding could you please help me with some info. I just wanna confirmed that im not being ripped off.



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