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Tipping, Paying, and More at Dreams Punta Cana

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Hiya Ladies, 


My June 15th wedding date is fast approaching.  Trying to not think about it too much but everyone seems to be doing a countdown on our behalf.  Needless to say, I'm starting to get the jitters, and just because it's a destination wedding, it doesn't mean you're not moved by the same worries of things going as planned.  I'm excited, anxious, worried,.... You get the drift.  Please help me reduce some stress by answering these questions for me:


When and how does the WC set an appointment to meet you once you've arrived at the resort?


What is the best and convenient way to pay for the wedding (cash, credit) - we want to avoid bringing too much cash with the risk of losing it and whatnot-?


Who should get tipped after the wedding -I noticed gratuities are added to the package prices-?


How much should the WC get for tip?


Do they provide the wires to hook the ipod to their sound system - if not, will I have to bring my own?




I think that's it.

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