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HELP!!!! - I Need Help with Supplies & Wording for my MIB Invites

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hellos ladies,


I turn to you yet again for support.  I will be making MIB invites and am having a hard time finding the following:


tiny sand dollars

tiny starfish

Coconut Scent Oil

Mailing boxes/or tubes

Kraft Labels

Kraft shread


Most important - I need the wording for the invite.  I have no clue where to begin with this part.


Any help you provide will be greatly appreciated.




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Hi – I was going to make MIB invites so I bought enough for 100 then went with passports instead. I have bottles, cokrs, boxes, raffia, tiny real starfish, tiny metal starfish, kraft labels, kraft paper, sand, kraft shred, and more. PM me if interested. I live an hour away from NYC so maybe we can arrange a pickup.

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