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I absolutely love orchids and wanted an orchid bouquet, but I was shocked at how much they cost! Also, since we are having an AHR when we get back, I decided to make my own real-touch bouquets - they were way cheaper, and I can use them more than once, and even keep forever if I want! My colours are purple and green - so I wanted to incorporate that. The bridesmaids will be wearing purple, so I made their bouquets mostly green and the groomsmen get purple bouts to go with their beige jackets. I also threw together a couple of corsages for our mothers and grandmother coming to the wedding. The flowers (with the exception of the corsages) are from Afloral.com, the blue starfish I got from a shop online (can't remember where) and the supplies and everything else I got from Michaels. I'm really happy with how everything turned out! And I saved over $500! This was the inspiration pic: Picture1.png This is my bouquet: IMG_0290.JPG The bridesmaids bouquets: IMG_0296.JPG The boutaneirs: DSC00114.JPG And all together: 1000x500px-LL-1999ce2d_DSC00104.JPG 1000x500px-LL-4dd1354d_DSC00111.JPG And here's a picture of the corsages: 486x372px-LL-349f5f8a_DSC00118.JPG
These are amazing-I have decided to try doing my own as well and seeking yours gave me a lot of hope-wish me luck :)

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Very nice! I just started making mine and they are so easy .... I'm glad I tried saving so much $$$$$

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