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I just came back from my wedding and used the activity books to place in our gift bags.  My guests LOVED them.  It was great because they had something to work on while laying on the beach.  Thanks for posting!!! woot.gif

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So glad your guests liked them and so glad its being put to use!  I just came back from my wedding and I'd say about half the people did them, but it was still so much fun. The others enjoyed the facts and the "good wife" more than the games so I'm glad I mixed that in.

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What a great idea!! I'm going to do these and hand them out at the airport for something to do on the plane or on the beach! Thanks for sharing, I never would have thought of this!

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wow!! what a great idea!


Originally Posted by skp1 View Post

I started out intending to do a book for kids with coloring and games but then decided, why not make it for the adults?  I know I sometimes get antsy sitting on the beach and this would be a fun way to keep occupied and provide a few laughs.  I know a few other BDW brides have combined a welcome book with this sort of thing but I have a separate welcome brochure so I made this strictly fun and games.  Most of these are typical bridal shower games with a few extras thrown in.  I intend to have an answer key at our farewell brunch.


I got the booklet framework (page set up, margins, etc) from The Knot DIY board so it was easy to paste all my stuff into it.  I did everything else myself - titles, pictures, tables, and biggest of all - searching the Internet for all the answers!  I had some help from the following sources (The Knot, romancestruck.com, bridalshowergamesAtoZ.com, puzzle-maker.com and various other information web sites)


Since its nothing formal, I printed this on regular copy paper and then added a colored cover (also copy paper, not cardstock).  Getting everything in the right order was a little challenging - its printed double sided and folded so the template is not in order.  I stapled the inside pages together and then spay glued the cover on.


Here are pictures, the template and answer key....































activity book 2.docx

activity answer key.pdf

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