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Anyone interested in selling their Aisle Runner... I am open to a white or ivory one probably around 100 feet or so... give or take (75 ft or 125)


I see some good ones online, but I'm looking to save money because this is going to be passed on as well, I don't want to spend 100$ to pay the hotel for one and I want one where I can value someones opinion who has used it already...


PM ME or just reply to the post.


Thanks so much.



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The quality is fine for me.  It pills a bit on the ends, but its nice for a DW because its not real heavy for travel.  I would definitely suggest the aisle runner tape that they sell on there too.  I didn't buy it yet, but I think I'm going to.  Another bride from my resort bought the same aisle runner and we personalized hers too, but it was so windy on her wedding day that they could keep it down on the ground.


I think that is just the price for it all the time?

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