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"New Resort Opening May 1 2011" NOW LARIMAR ~ PUNTA CANA

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I got price lists for HDC and Blue Lagoon Photography. I also received pricing from DJ Mannia. I was told by Claribel that the fee for bringing in outside vendors is $500 for DJ and $150 for Photogtapher. Not sure why the DJ is more expensive then the Photographer?


I was comparing pricing for the photography package at the NOW and the package with HDC and it looks like the HDC package is cheaper than the hotel photographer?

If you want these lists please email me at sarahgn4t@att.net


Is the piece of wood from the Now or is that part of Innovart?

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The piece of wood is from Innovart. I'm trying to find the head NOW resorts corporate number to ask why they don't own the walkway themselves? It doesn't make sense to suggest something that you can only have for such a ridiculous price. $500 I could understand but $1500, I'm still wrapping my mind around that. 


Also, it's more for the DJ because of the equipment. I know from another wedding because the DJ had so much stuff to bring in and wire up that they charged more. $150 for the photographer isn't bad though. 

Originally Posted by sarahgn4t View Post

I got price lists for HDC and Blue Lagoon Photography. I also received pricing from DJ Mannia. I was told by Claribel that the fee for bringing in outside vendors is $500 for DJ and $150 for Photogtapher. Not sure why the DJ is more expensive then the Photographer?


I was comparing pricing for the photography package at the NOW and the package with HDC and it looks like the HDC package is cheaper than the hotel photographer?

If you want these lists please email me at sarahgn4t@att.net


Is the piece of wood from the Now or is that part of Innovart?


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Hi everyone, 


I am sorry everyone is having a hard time getting answers from Claribel. I would be going crazy. I actually contracted a wedding coordinator through the agency that's arranging the rooms b/c I knew I would be stress out trying to reach someone in DR.


Thank you everyone for all the great information and the pics 

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Santo Domingo is a great city. Is a city rich in history, great restaurants and gorgeous beaches. I'm not sure if you know how far it is from Punta Cana. Is about 3-4 hours drive.
If you don't mind the drive and like history, then definitely go to Sto Dgo.

Originally Posted by vav11238 View Post

No, Sarah's right. Right now, I'm feeling as if there are a lot of potential hidden costs that you can get hit with once you're on the resort about to have your wedding. And it is hard to get any answers. I've been emailing Claribel or three weeks now and have yet to hear back from her. Same goes with Innovart too. Katusha telling us that to get married at the fountain you need to rent that piece of wood for $1500 still has my mind reeling. So now, I'm buying my decorations for the reception and bringing them with me.


Sarah - as for what I'm planning to do:

Friday - first night ppl are flying in. I'm telling them to have dinner where ever they want and to meet up at nine at a specific place for drinks.

Saturday - more ppl will be flying in but in the afternoon I plan on having a bridal luncheon at one of the resort restaurants. I figure if a group gathers somewhere then what can they say to us. Of course, that means they'll be no decorations but for now this is how it'll work. Saturday night it's do as you please night (except I know my MOH is planning a girls lingerie party). 

Sunday - We're booking an excursion - either a tour of Santa Domingo or the islands. Both are all day events. 

Monday - the morning they get to rest and relax. The wedding is at 5pm. With the divine pkg you get the dj for 2 hours and I'll book him for another 2 hrs then those who want to party, we're heading to the club. 

Tuesday - once again, we're all going to meet up at the same restaurant for brunch. So we can say our goodbyes. 


This is all tentative, of course, but how I'm seeing it planned out. I've been told by two friends who had similar weddings to not over plan peoples days. Yes, they're here for the wedding but they also want to get a little vacation in too. So I've allotted free time for them. I currently have fewer people so it's easier to do a flash mob sort of thing and the resort will have to deal with it. 


I'm looking forward to hearing what else Kat and Moni have to say. 




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Ladies, I'm sorry I haven't replied in a while, but house remodeling has my full attention these days. You'll understand me after ya'll weddings are over and you're still "on the go" full speed type of thing. I just had to make myself busy again cheesy.gif

Vav, I don't have the DJ info, he just showed up at the wedding and did his part, everyone was happy. I would suggest to pay for few extra hours and ask him to start the party after everyone finishes dinner (that way you don't waste the hours you paid). Keep in mind that the down time at the resort is 10pm, so if you want the party to continue until midnight, I'm pretty sure you have to pay per hour again. Double check with WC.

I would strongly recommend the HDC to everyone who wants beautiful pictures and the most awesome photographer to work with (mine was Milan and he is so fun and great to work with). Regarding the resort photog, I would not advice you to go with them, cause I had 25 free shots and it was okay, pretty, but just as pretty as my hubby's aunt's pictures. Oh, and videographer does the great job too (30-min is included in the Divine package, do not overpay for anything else). I loved the quality of his work and now we have forever lasting memories on the video!

Also, someone mentioned that they're going to have lunch with their group at one of the resort's restaurants all together. Keep in mind that only 2 buffets are open for lunch and one of them is quite small (the Castaways). Restaurants are only open for dinner and will not sit all of you together (the best part of my wedding was having no more than 35 ppl).

TJ, you asked some questions while back too:

Did you have Castaways all to yourselves?        Yes! it was all ours!

For your table runners what was the length of the material you used?    Just go on ebay and type in table runners, it is all standard size.


What did you use in your vases to light them up that way?                    Again, ebay is your BFF :) Those are LED lights. I used ice cubes, which will activate the moment it toches the water. really awesome stuff. You'll have to put something on top of them to hold it down, cause these float. 

Was Catasways cool?  Is it at all sheltered?  I am trying to decide if we are going to have our reception here...Do you have photos of an overall view of this area?          Castaways was a great fit for our wedding, but might get a little windy, depending on the weather at night. it is not sheltered, but security is there to protect the premises from stranger in speedos LOL I will post the photo when I get home (I'm supposedly working now :)

Did they have the dacing area set up on the terrace?    Dancing area was not set-up, I wouldn't worry about it, since you can arrange the tables in a way, so you have the middle for the dance floor. The picture someone posted of the lit dance floor, you can rent from DJ Mannia and it is too much $$$$ don't waste your money if you're on a budget.

What did you use for your OOT bags themselves? I had such awesome OOT bags from oriental trading. They were like $15 for a dozen, I got 2 different kinds - neon colors and tropical hibiscus flower kind. Everyone loved them and carried it everywhere.


I need to start booking things and getting organized! LOL... i have been a bit of a procrastinator lately!


Did you do a Trash the Dress shoot?  If so did you "trash" your own dress or have a second one for that?   I didn't do the TTD, since my dress was too precious and I couldn't imagine rolling in the sand wearing it :) I would've done it I had a second dress, but we were so short on time, that decided not to. 


Guys, if you have more questions, please ask. I'll post more pics later.




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Can you give me some numbers on how much everything else cost like any extras that you had? I don't want to be surprised when I get there!! Did you get the divine package? Did you feel it was worth the cost even though you hired an outside photographer?? Any other info and pics would be great!!

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Hello ladies!!! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and an exciting new year...but it's 2012 and time to get married!!!! 


My giddiness aside, what's brewing within? I've gotten a response from AMresorts about the platform and this is what the verdict is:



Hi Valerie-

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and thank you for choosing Now Larimar Punta Cana. I see you have a question regarding the wooden platform cost for the fountain area. I apologize for the confusion, but ultimately that is the cost of the installment. Because this piece is rented from an outside vendor, that is the price has been arranged. As you know, the wedding coordinator (Claribel) sends images of multiple set-ups (with and without the walkway) and then provides a quote based on the decor and arrangements that are asked for. Because the walkway was not mentioned it was not included in the quote; hence, only now mentioned in recent communication. As a destination wedding bride myself, I empathize with you, but unfortunately as this is an item that the resort has to rent, we don't have much control. We will certainly learn from this and make brides are completely clear on what the set-up they requested will include. I will say that I have seen many weddings at Now Larimar and they have all been gorgeous. The team there is amazing and they will make your day absolutely incredible.



AMResorts Amanda Davis 
Product Manager, Romance
7 Campus Blvd.
Newtown Square, PA 19073

AMResorts Social Media
Zoetry Wellness & Spa ResortsSecrets Resorts & SpasDreams Resorts & SpasNow Resorts & SpasSunscape Resorts & Spas


I think this answer sucks but am letting it go, so it doesn't affect the wedding. I'll simply have the gazebo set up further away from the fountain and ask to have the seats circling the gazebo rather than behind it. Plus I'll have the fountain fully on during the wedding which should make for lovely pictures. Bright side! I currently have 40 people set to come and think that'll be just as lovely. 


Also, for those of you asking for the price of extras, a new updated price list was sent to me, pm me if you'd like me to email it to you or contact the WC. It has all the extra costs for the fire dancers and musicians - etc, which the initial price list didn't. Incredibly helpful in tallying up the cost of this festive occasion. 

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