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"New Resort Opening May 1 2011" NOW LARIMAR ~ PUNTA CANA

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Hi Girls,


I have been reading your posts since page 13. You all have been SUPER helpful, and I finally decided to chime in! I have chosen NOW as my wedding destination. My wedding will be in October 2011. I am going to send my $100 deposit next week. Yes, i am WAYYY behind you all!


Question about Passport invitations! LOVE LOVE the idea! Is it easy to DIY? What kind of paper should you use? Can you make it in word and take it to the printing shop? I am not creative at all. Please help!


Anyone have thoughts on:

-beach or gazebo wedding ceremony?

-dinner reception location?

-plated or buffet dinner?


I wish if I had my own wedding planner because these decisions will drive me crazy. Any input would help and good luck to you all.


PS: fabulous dress, JB!



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Thanks JamieBride! And welcome to the forum!!! Another Now Larimar Bride, very exciting woot.gif


For the passport invite, I purchased a template from ayleebits.com which is $10. Made everything else easy as far as making them. I'm just using cardstock purchased from paperandmore.com and michael's. Oh and the template is on Word so you will also have the option to bring it somewhere and have them print it out.


I decided on a beach ceremony, even before I was engaged and this is mostly the reason why we are doing a destination wedding! As for the reception location, I wanted to have the outdoors as a setting still, without the uncomfortable feeling of sand between our toes the whole time so I'm looking into having it poolside or if they will allow one of the open air restaurants. I think you have to atleast have 50 people to opt for the buffet, something to keep in mind before you decide on doing that. I honestly haven't decided on that part yet, we're still picking through the menu and possible swaps... But I think all of us are waiting on an answer as far as swapping menu items...


Hope that helped! Happy planning!

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Wow girls, so exciting that we are growing so quickly on this thread! Woo hoo! We may need to start a list soon!


DeeSanders:Sorry that attachment won't go through, I have tried it on every computer and it will not attach.  It isn't the contract yet, it is just the prices she quoted me which I posted yesterday on here anyway.  As soon as I get the contract I will send it through to anyone who wants it though.  I am getting close,I should be able to get it to everyone next week.  Do you work in a hospital?  I work for a plastic surgeon, its pretty fun and much different than the hospital.  I really like the ideas of all of the colors, I think they will come together well.The tying of the bows is what i noticed first,very fun.  I really like the lower left set up as well.  We are not doing much in the way of set up for reception, I am staying almost too simple I think.  Oh well, that is why we decided to go with a destination wedding!


JB:Love the dress, the did such a great job.  You look awesome, once you have it altered it will be perfect for you. i really love the sash, I am addicted to them.  It was the one thing I wanted to for sure have on my dress. It will go great with the colors you have too.The color of the dress matches your skin tone well too!


Jamiebride:Welcome and congrats! You are not behind at all, you have plenty of time for this fun planning stuff.  We decided on a beach ceremony also, that is what I have always wanted.  I have heard that the beach area for weddings at the NOW is more secluded than other beach weddings, so that helped.  I have not heard back from the WC about what my options are going to be for receptions.  I agree with JB that the buffet is only for 50 or more guests.  That being said, I think if your wedding is on a Friday night they have a beach party with a buffet and your guests can do that. Not sure if the beach party will stick around once they get up and going though.  I also am hoping for an outside reception that is in a garden or poolside-but they have not answered my questions regarding these options. Be patient, ha ha.

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First off JB, Your dress is so different then anything I've seen but absolutely gorgeous. cheesy.gif

Congrats and welcome newbies!!!   JamieBride I'm getting married in November,  So much to do still so little time...but with everyones support here it's making easier=)

I'm pretty confident I want a beach ceremony & a poolside reception also...I have to start going through the menus & options again..... It's been awhile....  

I'm having a really hard time with the monograms...and I really dont want to pay someone else to make them for me.. Im using pages on mac & it wont allow me to overlap the text boxes....wtf

I emailed the invitation store my wording and RSVP.... what do u ladies think?  This will be in the message in a bottle...   

I'm still batteling with colors, I love the sangria purple and I know I bunch of you mentioned combing with ivory but...my dress is ivory and I'm not sure I want anyone one of the colors to match me.....what do u think?  Deesanders.....I think those colors will look pretty together & brown is kinda neutral so it will pull it together...



Monica Jillian Wasser


Christian Rodrigo Guerrero


invite you to share

in a celebration of love

as we exchange our marriage vows

on Saturday, the twelfth of November

two thousand and eleven

at 4 o'clock in the afternoon

Now Larimar Resort

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

 Sunset reception to follow




We look forward to celebrating with you.  

Please RSVP by August 1st  




_____Can't wait to feel the sand between my toes,

I accept the invitation #____ adult(s) attending

                                   #____ child(ren) attending


_____ Toasting from afar, there in spirit





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Welcome Jamiebride I am new to the forum as well and it is so helpful you get answers to questions you didn't even know you had!!! I hope to be able to tell all you ladies that I booked very soon as well. I am waiting on my TA to get me the prices for 4/7 nights. We love the NOW and really want to have our wedding here! 


Moniwoni RSVP wording is great I love it I might just have to use it on my RSVP's!


Dose anyone have menu's, price listings any info that they could send I would love to take a look at it and see what they have to offer in terms of food and additional services to add. My email address is m_bowab@msn.com

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Moni, great wording! I may borrow that too :) I see that your RSVP date is by Aug 1. Does that mean you are not putting down the $50 deposits for each guest until they RSVP? I was struggling with that. I want to go ahead and block off a few rooms for those guests that I know for sure are attending. But it may just be easier to do it once we get all of the RSVPs back.


FYI, My TA quoted the following prices for land only (tropical view room) : 3 night = $282; 4 night = $368; 5 night = $450


Thanks for the warm welcome girls. And I completely agree with open air dinner setting. Love it! I will not have 50 guests, so looks like it'll be a plated dinner for me. That decision was easy!

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Moniwoni, I have the same RSVP wording! I love the "sunset reception to follow" very cute, I'm borrowing thatcheesy.gif. I'm posting some pictures to give you more ideas for your colors, I might be a little off with the sangria but atleast you can see how a close shade to it.



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Got the info...Such a big help!!! Cannot thank you enough! I am looking at it as I type.


I just heard back from my TA and she says that she will not be able to get me prices on the romm for March/April 2012 yet b/c they are in the process of "loading" late winter 2012 rates so no tour company had the rates available....anyone have rates for March/April 2012 yet? She says it could take up to 2 weeks and I really do not want to wait that longmsncry.gif

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JB-Love those inspiration pics you posted for Moni! I really am wondering what flowers they will offer. I am sure it will be tropical only and I refuse to pay $350 for the upgrade.  I really  want light pink and white peonies with light green and white hydrangias.  Looks like I may need to purchase a real touch!  Thanks for the help on the monogram, worked a bit on it last night. 


Moni-Love the wording, I make steal it as well! Ha ha! Do you have access to powerpoint? I am working on my monograms too and I am finding this the easiest, even over word.  Not sure if you can use that program with a Mac though?


JamieBride-Those prices are AMAZING!!!!! Thats almost as good as the opening special.  Pass that info on to DeeSanders, she is having trouble getting pricing for next Aug, so that is pretty close to you in time.


Soon2be-We are all still getting different price quotes for next April.  You should be able to get something locked in now though, I have.  Have your TA be persistent with the resort.  They kept blowing us off too but we hounded them until they gave in.  My pricing is as follows:All rates are per person and include tax and transfers and are double occupancy(I have pricing for singles too if you need it): Tropical view 5 nights $600, 7 nights 820.  Ocean view 5 nights $680, 7 nights 935.  This is for the week of April 14-21.  I have heard prices drop starting the second week of April as spring break is over. I believe "preferred club" is extra. We have gone to several Amresorts and the one time we did preferred club we did not feel it was worth the extra money, plus we want to spend our time with our guests, not in a fancy pool that excludes them.Hope this helps!

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