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"New Resort Opening May 1 2011" NOW LARIMAR ~ PUNTA CANA

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This is a really cute idea.

Originally Posted by moniwoni View Post



the shells are for two of my flower girls.... The one in the middle will hold the basket..... what do u girls think?


Those are my oot bags......same ones JB!!  BTW those little lanterns are at CTS's and there only $1 and they coe with batteries!  Not the best quality but..... there a dollar  & it gives the effect...


I really want to get the oldnavy flip flops but I have know idea what sizes and how many??IMG_1837.JPG


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JB, I can't believe you made them!!! There really nice...

Acutie, I wish u had xmas tree shops near u too they have a huge selection of beachy items....  AC Moore is another craft shop that may have nice paper... We have them in NY....


Thanks Subbi...... I think I may add a thick ribbon, possibly and a bow where the ribbon and shells meet.

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I want to go to the Christmas Shop but I would have to drive 4 hrs right now, so I might just wait till I go to Maryland to visit and go to that one!!! I can't wait!! :) MoniWoni I love all of the items that you have gotten..


Looks like the sunsets about 7pm in August so I am thinking to get married at 4pm or 5pm.. What do you ladies think??

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