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"New Resort Opening May 1 2011" NOW LARIMAR ~ PUNTA CANA

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#1351 chrisdeluca

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    Posted 22 July 2012 - 09:57 AM

    thanks girls the 2 photographers we're bringing down are spending the whole week at the resort and are part of our "guests" so i guess that means i won't have to pay the outside vendor fee, which is great!!!


    Skygirl- I've also been doing the math between the packages and although I don't want the pictures and hairsalon either from the Devine it still seems to be the better deal!!


    On your math you put down:

    -platinum cocktail (whats this?)

    -dinner for child (where did you find the price for that?)

    -bar (thought this was included?)


    As for adding the extra cake i've read some reviews stating not to upgrade b/c with the devine we get 3 tier cake which should be more than enough for 40+ guests and with dinner you get dessert too so most ppl won't even eat the cake...something to think about


    Does anyone know with the Devine package if it's Platinum menu? I have an e-mail from Silvia stating this:

    The Divine wedding package included the Gold dinner reception, with an upgrade for the Platinum dinner reception menu, you can choose either.


    so does that mean you get to choose which one you want or at a cost you can get the Platium??

    #1352 Donna Hewitt

    Donna Hewitt
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      Posted 22 July 2012 - 04:52 PM

      Originally Posted by Skygirl 

      @donnahewit. do u have an excell sheet of extras breakdown?if not let me know i will email it to u.

      im kind of second guessing my self abt doing the complimentary package, for 600$ u get (guitarist, carpeted walkway, massage, some armature video/photo, hair and make up)to me it looks like a wash...and the only thing they actually giving away in hopes to upsell is video/photo.

      i will have 3 outside vendors(450$)

      DjMannia $$

      ***** Nova Photographer $$$

      would also like to do the fire dancers, but debating as far as reception is only 3hrs and i dont want to take the time away from dancing...

      and i will bring my paper lanters that i will have WC to hang for the undisclosed amount of price(since they cant giv me exact price number

      i will not need their room upgrade, since we already paid for ocean view master suite

      i finally heard back from Silvia(3wks later) i keep asking same question: "can u please tell me if you evenly subsitute my bridal bouqet and give me few boutoniers instead"(im bringing real touch bouqet, so have no use for their flowers, but can use corsage or boutoniere) but she keeps telling m my package doesnt come with bridesmaid bouqet...ughhh

      have you gotten any emails recently from WC with some answers?


      I have the the spreadsheet - Thanks Skygirl...  I went over it again last night...  I think I will use their bouquet and take the room upgrade (upon availability - of course!) ... And I guess get the hair... I'm thinking now that for me - it may be worth it to take the package... I read the same thing about the cake - so no upgrade there... But, will have to pay for the extra champagne, chairs, meals - The ammature video is kind of a bonus for us, as my FI mother is not going to be able to make it... So - Paying extra for that alone kind of makes up for it!  So - I will take my free massage and dinner on the beach and make the best of it!!


      Where are you having you reception Skygirl?  I'm bringing paper lanterns as well - but, we are having a poolside reception(wanted Castaways - not paying $5000) ... So, I'm not going to need quite as many as I had thought - only for the lattice covers...


      Haven't heard from Silvia in a few weeks - but, any time I get some info - I will pass it along!

      #1353 chrisdeluca

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        Posted 22 July 2012 - 08:45 PM

        what spreadsheet are you guys talking about lol?

        #1354 Donna Hewitt

        Donna Hewitt
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          Posted 22 July 2012 - 08:52 PM

          Originally Posted by chrisdeluca 

          what spreadsheet are you guys talking about lol?

          The WC sends a spreadsheet for you to fill out - with all your options and the prices of them ... I can email it to you if you want - I have the one for the Divine package...  Mine's in a bit of a shambles at the moment...

          #1355 Donna Hewitt

          Donna Hewitt
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            Posted 22 July 2012 - 08:57 PM

            @ Chrisdeluca - I just checked and the Platinum dinner comes with the Divine Package, and international bar service for 3 hours.

            #1356 SusanMike2013

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              Posted 23 July 2012 - 06:11 AM

              grrr i haven't got this spread sheet either... if someone can pass it along to me as well.

              PM me and I will give you my email as I can't view attachments as I haven't posted enough.


              I did one out myself using the info in the pdf..... but I didn't include the extra chairs..They charge you for extra chairs.,.. dear lord...



              Below is what I calculated for 25 guests excluding tax:


              "Free"  Your Moments  - $1700


              I didn't add much.. no flowers or anything.. I am a plain type of girl anyhow and flower I could care less about :-)



              - plat menu $885

              "The Platinum Dinner Package is $885 + tax for up to 25 guests. Prices include drink services. Additional guests can be added for $40 per person + tax. Sit down dinner is available for 100 guests maximum

              ***Donna this should cost you 1285 with drinks included... for 35 people.... the drink upgrades will add it to be more though.

              - plat cocktail hour $250

              - cake and sparkling wine $165 (extra 15 guest)

              - sound system $400


              so another 15 chairs even at say 12 a piece is a extra $180.... so $1880?




              Now to Eternity - $2799

              This is with keeping the silver menu... I would prefer the plat menu but to save cost i didn't add it in. ( mercy told me I could upgrade to it for the price diff of  $255)

              - add sound system $400


              I wouldn't use the photo's or hair service

              Breakfast in bed.. well they have room service included anyhow...

              Room upgrade.. we booked the preferred ocean view anyhow..

              Massage... well I have neck issues and have to go to a spec. every 5 weeks so I might not even be medical allowed to use this service... but for the upgraded cost I would book them for us home and save a ton :-)



              Divine - 3399

              - added sound system


              I don't want their music at the ceremony as I have songs already picked out

              Dinner on the beach would be super nice but we will have 18 month old twins with us. My family is not getting there til two days after us so I would prefer to spend extra time with them.

              I don't want a video...




              Where did you see $3 per extra chair?

              I see the below in the pdf, not that it makes sense by any means...

              Tiffany Chair (white, brown, gold, or platinum) $15 each

              Folding Chair $12 each


              If I have calculated any of this wrong someone please let me know:-) Maybe once I get the spread sheet it will be different.


              I am using the info provided here:




              it states:

              "If you would prefer to customize your wedding instead of choosing a wedding package, or would like to add other services, we offer a variety of options to make your wedding perfect. "

              And that is where I got the prices... somehow I missed the extra chairs....


               Customized Wedding Packages have the option to add at additional cost:

              ✦ Private event in any of the banquet rooms

              ✦ A private dinner with Silver, Gold or Platinum menu

              ✦ Hors d’oeuvres and cocktail hour

              ✦ All drinks and food services have a 26% of legal taxes - Wonder if this is on top of the packages prices as well, does anyone know?




              #1357 SusanMike2013

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                Posted 23 July 2012 - 06:15 AM

                Originally Posted by Skygirl 

                @susanmike. i hear you about them not allowing to swap things... where did you see the $120 charge vendor fee? how many pp u have coming?i have 40ppl coming, and really dont need there hairdresser,make up, or photographer. i know divine pckg comes with the trio and some decor for the gazebo...

                i need to do the math and see the numbers difference, have anyone done it?


                The pdf states 120 for a "day pass" maybe they charge more for a "vendor"


                I am hoping I did my math right.. but 26% tax on food and drink is a lot. If they do not charge that on the packages then I have to really rethink this whole thing!

                AT this point I am starting to rethink the whole wedding.... so confusing

                #1358 Donna Hewitt

                Donna Hewitt
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                  Posted 23 July 2012 - 05:40 PM

                  @SusanMike2013 - IT'S ALL GOING TO BE OKAY!!!  Don't let this keep you awake at night!!  Your wedding is going to be brilliant!!  I will send you my spreadsheet... It is made up already using the Divine package, so it will be different - depending on which package you choose...


                  It says that Outside vendors cost $150 - Ridiculous, but true - So, on top of your price for the photographer - you will have to add the $150.  Its on the spreadsheet.


                  Send me your email and I will mail it for you - it helps A LOT!  Surprised they haven't sent you one - they sent it to me when I first paid the down payment.


                  I have noticed though, the prices I have on my spreadsheet are different from those on the website now... for things like dinner...  I've emailed the WC to see what exactly that means!

                  #1359 chrisdeluca

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                    Posted 23 July 2012 - 06:40 PM

                    Susan- I think we've all been where your at right now...Just breathe!! Everythings going to be amazing


                    Donna sent me the spreadsheet and it's definitely given me a wayyyy better understanding of all the extra costs...Thanks Donna

                    #1360 SusanMike2013

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                      Posted 24 July 2012 - 03:48 AM

                      What is confusing to me is Mercy keeps referring me to the link with the pdf for extra costs.... I have emailed her and gave her my break downs, to have it confirmed yes that is right or no it is wrong and here is the right calculations. She did tell me the vendor cost was 150.... I have too many emails now!


                      Once I get that email from her to tell me how to "build" my own I will share :-)


                      Now when I paid my deposit I paid for the middle package, then asked if I could change to the divine package as I wanted that menu.. maybe that is why I didn't get the spreadsheet?

                      If I got the Divine package I wouldn't add anything to it though.. I wouldn't use half of it.

                      Hrmm I wonder if I could give the hair appointment to my sister...



                      LOL ya it will all work out :-) I just thought I had my head wrapped around it all and then I read all your posts... and I was like WTF!

                      I just don't want to waste money on the divine package where I don't want half of the options it gives....


                      I want a basic wedding, nice private cocktail hour for my guests for when I am having pictures done....then a nice dinner and dance.

                      And I guess I really don't need a cocktail hour... its a resort, all is included anyhow but it would be nice to have my guests already in the area where dinner will be so no one shows up late.. hahha



                      Donna, your getting married in January so you can let us all know what we need and don't need :-)

                      Chrisdeluca, what date is your wedding? your travel dates? We are there from the 20th to the 27th

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