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Teira's Planning Thread!!!! Long & pic heavy!

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Thanks! the colors are so fun together! here is the menu template







Originally Posted by Bride2B22 View Post

Teira- MY GOD everything looks amazing!!!!!! you're wedding is going to be beyond beautiful!!! I also have fuchsia and orange as my colors!!! Do you mind sharing your menu template?? msnwink.gif


Orange & pink menu.doc

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVED READING YOUR THREAD! EVERYTHING LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL.. I bookmarked the page to show my fiance:) We are getting married next April and are currently *arguing* over our colors.. He wants sea green/blue.. I want pink and orange.. He just doesn't see the concept..  The other day I compromised and told him we could have blue and green, but after reading your thread I just fell in love with the color combination again! I hope you have a wonderful wedding! I will be looking forward to reading your review when you get back!!

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