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About a week ago i was just browing around the forums and came across Mandy's welcome booklet and it totally inspired me so i have to say i got most of my ideas from her! I had only planned on doing a welcome letter and photoshare card but this is what i came up with instead.... I used my passport template from Aylee bits but turned everything sideways so it wouldnt look just like the passport invitations i did... 1000x500px-LL-8ad73aa6_IMG_0228.JPG 1000x500px-LL-a576a08c_IMG_0229.JPG 1000x500px-LL-ffa63422_IMG_0231.JPG 1000x500px-LL-bef391b5_IMG_0232.JPG 1000x500px-LL-df2d42a9_IMG_0233.JPG 1000x500px-LL-136003b2_IMG_0234.JPG 1000x500px-LL-214b2ca1_IMG_0235.JPG 1000x500px-LL-93e2a6af_IMG_0236.JPG
Awesome - thanks for sharing you have inspired me to do more than a brochure !

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Originally Posted by Tulumbride2013 View Post


The link didn't work...

oops, not sure why, try this - go to  http://www.ayleebits.com/ and click on templates at the top where there are different tabs, you can find passport templates there. If this link doesn't work just google Aylee Bits and it will come up.



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