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Tons of wedding stuff for sale!

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I'm so sad to be starting my "for sale" page b/c I loved planning my wedding and buying all of the decorations for it.  I'm even more sad that it is all over.  

I have sooo much to sell!  Please check out my bio at Project Wedding if you'd like to see my wedding pics and other items I'm selling.


If you see anything in my pics that you want just let me know!  I will slowly be adding items for sale on here.  The items that I did not use in my wedding will get posted first.  I bought a bunch of stuff that I didn't use (kept changing my mind on things :)

Please either PM me or email me at staceyawallace@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these items. Thank you!!



30 batteries and LED lights (we don't have the magnets) used to make throwies. Used for a couple of hours at my wedding...$25 + shipping



Some of you have asked me what throwies are so I have posted a link below explaining how to make them and what they are. If you plan to use paper lanterns, you will most likely want to make these to light up the lanterns.


Here's a pic of what I have:





Fake Starfish and clam shells. I have 22 starfish (4")and 10 clamshells (3 1/2 ").  I am asking $10 + shipping for the starfish and $5 + shipping for the clamshells.  Here's a pic:





Large Hibiscus Tote bags (5 packs, 1 dozen bags per pack) 4 packs are unopened, 1 pack I opened to look at the size but did not use.  $10 per pack OR $45 for all 5 packs + shipping

The totes are non-woven cloth material. Large enough to be used as a beach bag.

For Sale photo 1  14cb0ea27830706b3463ca32594de57a_m



Flip Flop playing cards (2 packs, 1 dozen each pack- unopened & 1/2 pack) $18+shipping. These playing cards are smaller than standard playing cards but are really cute!  Actual size is 2 3/8" and comes in a plastic container.  I added them to my OOT bags for my guests.  

For Sale photo 2


5 Large cosmetic bags- Super cute for bridesmaid gifts!  I gave my girls these cosmetic bags and they loved them!  I have 5 extra bags that I am selling for $12 each + shipping. The bags I am selling are still in their original wrap, never used.  3 are the paparazzi dot pattern (black, white and grey) and 2 are the boho patchwork paisley pattern (turquoise color). I took pics of mine so that you could see how big they are.




12 fuschia 5 x 7 picture frames.  Originally purchased for $30 each, selling for $20 each + shipping.  These items would be best if it was a local pickup b/c they are heavy (I live in Cincinnati). The 12 I am selling are brand new, in box.





Sold- Wooden black boards- $45 + shipping for all(these are brand new in box):

Minature Wooden Black Boards-2 x 24 pcs 

For Sale photo 4

Wooden Black Boards-1 box, 6 pcs

For Sale photo 5

Arrow shaped Black boards on a stick- 1 box, 6 pcs

For Sale photo 6




31 beach pail favors: $10 + shipping




SOLD- Starfish bouquet jewelry- 1 turquoise blue, 1 silver - $10 each + shipping




SOLD-  Pearl sash (pics of me wearing it on my wedding day in bio. I had the sash altered to be a belt.  There was minimal work done and a lot of material is left on it so it can be altered to fit you!  I can send extra pics to anyone interested so you can see what I mean when I say it can be altered to fit your waist. I have a 26" waist and am a 0/2 street size.  The belt has enough material left on it to be altered to fit up to a size 12.  

This sash is gorgeous!  I paid $500 (the pearls are real ) I am asking $350 OBO +shipping.  If anyone is interested in a necklace that matches the sash, I can send pics of it to you.

For Sale photo 7For Salephoto 8693c245f23af13fae8222064887db499_m

Gorgeous Pearl Sash : wedding dress jewelry DSC 0871Gorgeous Pearl Sash : wedding dress jewelry DSC 0868




Badgley Mischka Randee 5" heels, feels like 3 1/2" (surprisingly comfortable for how high the heel is)

purchased for $215, selling for $175 OBO; size 9M

worn once for 1 hour of wedding reception

For Sale photo 9




SOLD- 5 jute OOT Bags- $20 These are brand new, never removed from box.






Size 0 Shoshana dress perfect for rehearsal dinner, Bachelorette Party, etc.

Original price $400

Selling for $200  $150 OBO



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I'm actually not interested in buying anything, but just wanted to say that I loved your hair in the wedding pics!!!  I was thinking about doing an updo, but really like the side ponytail!  CUTE!!! :)

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Yes the beach pails favors are still available.  How many are you interested in?  I think I have more than 31...let me recount them tonight.

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