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I went to the post office a few weeks ago with my invite sample to determine postage. I was told $1.81 per box up to 5oz. My invites were at 4.1oz or something like that.


I bought most of my stamps and when I took my boxes today to be mailed out, I hear a "excuse me miss, but who told you $1.81 for these?".. uh, the lady that works here a few weeks ago.. He was trying to tell me they weighed over 5oz. He checked his scale and weighed again.. still over... mind you tears were starting to well in my eyes and I kept shaking my head no thinking, this isn't happening..


Turns out his stupid scale was wrong!! He tried another box or two then apologized for his scale being off!!! Whew!!!


Yeah, Invites are in the mail, one more thing off my list!!

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