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Fer Juaristi Photographer - best wedding decision I made!

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I just returned from our amazing wedding in Tulum, Mexico that was February 26th at Akiin Beach Club (which was also perfect thanks to the wonderful staff and the gorgeous location).  I have not yet had the chance to get settled back into the MidWest cold weather, but I had to jump on here immediately and write a review of our photographer, Fer Juaristi, who was absolutely the best decision we made about our entire wedding (which is saying a lot as we had 65 guests that we had to plan for)!


When I got engaged in early 2010, I began researching photographers for our 2011 Tulum, Mexico wedding.  I fell in love with the photojournalistic style and realized that there were more than a few popular vendors in Riviera Maya (all with great pictures).  However, when I came upon Fer's website and blog (www.ferjuaristiblog.com, www.ferjuaristi.com  ) I immediately fell in love with his work.  I reached out to him and we spoke on the phone so that I could get to know him better and vice versa.  Being able to have a live conversation upfront confirmed that he was the photographer that I had to have shoot our wedding.  His passion for what he does absolutely comes through in his pictures - he made a huge effort to get to know my husband and I before coming down to Mexico (he even looked on our wedding website and asked us questions about us)  to make sure he captured our personalities appropriately.


We did a casual shoot the day before our wedding and then Fer spent the entire day with us (and all of our guests) on our wedding day.  He made us feel so comfortable the entire time, so much so that he eventually just felt like one of our wedding guests.  He works by himself, but he has the energy and personality of 4!  He had such an amazing eye, and would find places to take pictures that we would not have even considered.  And then once we saw the pictures - we were completely blown away at the angles, colors, and emotions he was able to capture.


While we sat to eat dinner he put together a slideshow that highlighted pictures he had taken from our casual shoot the day before and pictures taken throughout the wedding day leading up to dinner (the ceremony, getting ready shots, family pictures, etc.)  We were able to see the slideshow shortly after dinner.  I cannot even begin to describe how amazing his pictures were - the slideshow was only a quick preview of all of the pictures that he had taken.  They were not retouched nor in their final form, yet they left such an impression on everyone that Fer was the talk of the wedding the rest of the night.  He continued to snap away late into the night all of our dancing on the beach and partying, but was continuously interrupted by our guests going up to him and complementing him on his work! 


We have not seen all of our final pictures yet, but seeing a small sampling of those in the slideshow that he took, has us soooo excited to see all of his work.  Fer was so excited for us and his passion for his work and energy during our wedding was infectious - all of my guests keep asking me when they will be able to see all of his pictures.  Making sure that we have amazing pictures from the best day of our lives was by far the best decision we made and worth every penny spent!  I can't say enough about Fer and highly recommend him for brides looking for photojournalistic pictures.  I know that Fer will continue to be tremendously successful in his career, and I only hope that my husband and I will have an opportunity to work with him again!

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