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Invite Etiquette Help!

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#11 kellygrrrl

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    Posted 24 June 2011 - 07:17 AM

    jaykay - I like your method best. my FI and I were just going over the list of people who we've sent STDs to and there are some we're just not in contact with any longer and who have been AWOL (mainly his band friends post-the band splitting up). last night, he said, "I don't even really know them." and I agreed. I'm sure that happens a lot in weddings, but we're assembling the people in the world who are closest to us in Mexico, and seems like it would be a bit odd to have other people there, too. I've always had a, 'the more the merrier' attitude, and if these people did want to come, that's totally ok with me. but I think if you receive even a STD (we included our wedding website which has an informal RSVP) and we haven't seen you in some time, it's only polite to get in touch and say you're coming.


    all in all, I'm with jaykay, I think family and the people we've discussed the trip in detail with (even if they're on the fence) deserve an invite. for the others we've lost contact with, I don't know if I'll go through the time and expense to send them one.

    Originally Posted by JayKay 

    We sent out STDs and then about a month later we sent out an information card that included price of the place, exact dates, and that RSVPs could be done through our wedding website.  We found that most people just let us know either through facebook, or text, or email that they were coming.  We are only sending out invites to people who have said they are coming.  I think with a destination wedding there is no right way to do it!


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      Posted 24 June 2011 - 07:23 AM

      oh, I should mention we're not asking for gifts either, but this makes me think... maybe for those who can't attend/didn't respond, we'll will send out an invite, but we'll also include an enclosure about where we're registered in case they'd like to send something in their absence. something along the lines of, 'for those who cannot attend but would like to send a [token of appreciation], the bride and groom are registered at XXX.'


      hee bridezilla. ; )

      Originally Posted by mishele81 

      I think just for courtesy that you should send invites. Even from a  guest's perspective ,  If I cannot make a wedding but get an invite, I always like to send a gift, so it's nice knowing the thought is there when you receive an invite.


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        Posted 25 June 2011 - 03:39 PM

        So what do you guys think about inviting your TA to the wedding? My TA is my sister's friend's long time boyfriend.  My sister isn't super close to this girl but they have known each other since high school. Let's just say if this was a hometown wedding I won't be inviting them.  However, The TA has been great and he travels all the time...I think they probably get free stuff or whatever. So anyways our wedding moto has been the more the merrier. So I figured why not as a nice gesture. But I don't want my TA to think I'm weird or rude. I am just trying to say..."hey if you feel like taking a trip to punta cana in April come join our wedding" haha What do you guys think?

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