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Diva' s planning thread with pics!! Excellence Punta Cana March 14, 2011

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The ceremony is 9 days from today, and we leave in 6, Hooray J


First of all thanks to all you ladies for the ideas and tips I received on here.  You guys are all awesome and I feel like I am taking a little piece of my “desties†with me since I would have never been able to pull it off without this site.  I never thought this day would come, but the year has gone by SO fast.  I joined the forum in December 2009, with so much confusion and so many questions, and everyone was so helpful clearing things up and calming my anxieties.  So without further ado, here are my goodies!


Sorry the pictures came out different sizes...


Dress and shoes for the welcome reception on Saturday night.  I found the dress at a cute boutique in New Orleans during Mardi Gras last year












My rehearsal dinner dress and shoes.  I actually wore the same outfit for our courthouse wedding in December. I figured it was an appropriate time to break it out again J




My hair flower.






My reception shoes. I plan to put “I do†decals on the bottom (thanks VDay bride for the idea)



My second pair of reception shoes, for when the heels become uncomfortable J






My BM gifts from Tiffany & Co., I got them charms that fit their personalities.  They will also each get special canvas bags with the OOT contents in them (thanks to Bostonbride2009!)





MOH tanks.  Instead of one MOH and one BM, I chose to have 2 co-MOHs.  These are cute DIY iron ons from Ebay




Bride hoodie from VS along with a cute t-shirt I found for the plane ride home!







My engagement ring. Asscher cut custom design



And my eternity wedding band, also custom with rounds and princess cut diamonds turned sideways.



His wedding band.  He doesnâ€t wear jewelry so he wanted to keep it simple with Tungsten Carbide.





 My STD magnets. Sent them out March 2010




Our pre-travel packet sent in January.  It includes our newsletter the Team Davis Tribune, along with the formal invitation, luggage tags, and a packing list.





Our guestbook from the engagement party.  Full of photos of us and signatures from guests at the party.  I also had ladies sign them at both of my bridal showers.






Our wedding guestbook, one of my girlfriends made it for us!






Some of my OOT bag contents:


 The "oh sh*t kit"



Front and back of our door hangers, Spanish translation booklets, and welcome booklets




We also are going to have organza bags filled with dried lavender on the ceremony seats for guests to throw as we leave down the aisle as husband and wife.  An alternative to bubbles or bird seed that smells WONDERFUL!



Wedding stationary: programs, itineraries, and menu cards from Precious Paiges out of Austin, TX. She does an AWESOME job!





Thatâ€s all for now…I will post a review and pics when we return!

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Very nice!! Awe I can't wait to start working on mine. Today I'm going to buy some stuff for our OOT bags. Are you going to post any templates? I really like the layout of your Tribune letter as well as your packing list.





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Islandgirl: The packing lists I will probably be selling when I return. I actually got them from a bride off of here and I should have an extra pack.


As for the template, I will post it from my work computer probably upon my return as well since I have a short week this week and it will be hectic at work! I only have a Mac at home and publisher doesn't transfer over well...



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    • I bought wedding invitation templates from   https://printsbery.com/invitations/wedding/blue so I can type whatever I want on them but they're cheap and a lovely simple style. Maybe try searching wedding invitation templates. I know it's not something I thought of initially
    • I agree. Ive been with my now husband of 17yrs since his kids were 7,8, and 9yrs old. They are now 30,31, and 32. They have always been treated as if they were one of my own so to call him ask him to give you away tell him your going to call me with details. Those details were me and our children who are her siblings arent invited is beyond rude. When he says hes not coming cause im not invited and you send a text saying hey il guess ill have to let you come and expect that to happen is even worse. Im good just after he does make whatever choice he makes to go and he better make the right one that respects his marriage so problems dont arise. Please miss step daughter dont ever come to my home again dont call either one of us either. Your married and as far as im concerned dead. Stay away from me and my family that you have no respect for. I wish you the best in life as i always have. Im done PERIOD!!! 
    • Out of curiosity, how have the bags held up?  Did the transfer peel?
    • All those dresses are looking really great actually! I still remember back when my little brother got married. Oh, I was sooo proud, I cried out of happiness almost the entire wedding! I wore a dress similar to the second one you posted.
    • Thanks for the reply! I will keep you as much updated as possible! Only realised that I made a lot of typos because it was late at night and a lot to write!  Moving forward, I have asked one of the 2 to be my best man to which he gladly accepted so no issues there! I asked someone else to be part of the groomsmen too and he accepted right away! I have told everyone in the groomsmen (Barring W) about the situation and they are all disappointed in A and W. Right now I am having problems with W being the groomsmen after his comments so I want to remove him from it. Some days I feel like talking to him about the situation but at the same time I feel like a dick and remove him without telling him 🤣  It still has been really quiet from this lot which made me started with the new plan. I have given everyone a plus 1 from the other side of the world. Then I have the remaining spaces left out to who all said yes straight away! Should have done that in the first place haha! Like I said I feel like planning on the new plan without telling the original people about this. It feels to me they do not want to come but scared to say anything. Then again if I carry on with this new plan the majority of the UK side wouldn't even notice.
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