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The surprise of a Lifetime... My engagement! 10/27/2010

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Away from the daily hectic life, we decided to plan a get-a-way trip to Jamaica. This was going to both of our first times traveling outside of the country, so after we got our passports rush delivered, we were both SOOOO excited for our adventure. My FI kept saying, "this is going to be the trip of a lifetime!" I always responded, "DUH, were going to Jamaica and we DON'T have to work for a whole week... what could be better." Little did I know I was going to come back to my reality with a HUGE surprise!

The day we arrived in Jamaica, 10/27/2010, was the day we met 5 years ago. After settling in and exploring the resort, we decided we would go to the Surf & Turf restaurant for dinner. I kept asking my now FI (Maurell), so what are you going to wear?? (Keep in mind they have restrictions on the dress code). His response, "Shannon, I'm wearing shorts!" My reaction was wait what you can't! The butler came to our room at 8pm, to show us to dinner.

As we walk through the resort, I had no clue where we were going, beings I was an Iberostar Grand rookie. He lead us out to the beach, and I turned to Maurell and said, "Oh kool, the restaurant is on the beach?" He laughed. After noticing the private candlelit table on the beach, I was still obvious, that this was for us. Then Maurell finally told me this is all special... JUST FOR US!

We had our own server, romantic music, rose petals everywhere, toasting with champagne, as the stars glistened in the sky. It was absolutely perfect, I was so impressed Maurell planned this just for me. I thought this was the surprise, it made my trip! 

Then as the butler brought out the desert, my plate read... "Will You Marry Me?" I was in SHOCK, absolutely speechless!! When I was able to get the words out, I said to Maurell, "Are you serious, or does this just come with the package?" hahaha. Of course he was serious!

I refused to touched the plate, because I did not want to mess it up (I even asked the butler if I could keep it), since my camera was upstairs. Maurell leaned over and open the chocolate box and got one knee, and there it was... THE RING! I was in all he had bought a ring, secretly brought it all this way, and surprised me with it! 

Boy did he get me when I was not expecting it AT ALL! It was a FABULOUS surprise!! I was so thrilled at how special he made me feel and how clever he was to plan all this own his own!!  I never thought he would be able to hide a ring from me, we live together, or even get it all the way to Jamaica, through security, and me not have some type of idea... but he did! GOOOO MAUUURELLLLL, hahaha!!

By the time we got up to our room, everything was decorated in congratulations, all the staff greeted us with, "Congrats!" For the rest of our stay it seemed like everyone knew, without us even saying a word, we were treated like true royalty! 


Now that I look back on it... He was right, it truly was a trip of a LIFETIME!



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Aww that sounds so amazing!  Congrats!

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Originally Posted by mandys View Post



My engagement not was not so glamourous haha but I couldnt have asked for it to have been any other way lol



Thank you! Yes you are right, everyone's moment is special and it is a day you will NEVER forget! Congrats to you as well and happy planning


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