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My OOT Bags and Pre-Travel Notes

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Oh my gosh, we're only 2.5 weeks from leaving for Cuba, I'm getting so excited. I've been finishing up all the little OOT bag details and I'm pretty well done!


My OOT Bags:



Here are the contents of my "In Sickness and In Health" bags:



Contents of each:

1 Purell hand sanitizer (3 for $1 at Dollarama)

1 Aloe vera ($1.57ea at Walmart)

4 Wetnaps (already had those)

4 Lifesaver mints (bag of 60something for $2.99 at Michaels)

4 Band-aids (box of 60 for $4.74 at Zellers)

4 Tylenol (already had a bottle)

2 Hangover Tea bags ($7.95 for a bag of loose leaf tea leaves, I put tea leaves in disposable tea filters, and folded them into these envelopes that I made)


Other OOT Bag contents:



1 Welcome book (made and printed myself)

1 Tote bag ($1 at Dollarama)

2 Washcloths (4 for $1 at Dollarama) tied in a green ribbon

1 "Love Notes" heart shaped sticky note pad (pkg of 2 for $1 at Dollarama)

2 personalized pens (box of 12 for $12 at Staples, I made the labels)

1 "Filed Under LOVE" Emery board (pkg of 2 for $1 at Dollarama)

1 Key card holder (Security Imaging)

2 Water jugs ($1.25 at Dollarama)


My Pre-Travel Note and Luggage Tag:


I sent one luggage tag per couple, and one per single as well.

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you did such a great job! your guests are going to LOVE them!! :)


wishing you a fantastic trip and wonderful wedding! :)

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My mom made them for me! She's got the fancy embroidery machine and has software for her computer that she uses to make her own designs. I just sent her my monogram and the font files of the fonts I used, and she did the rest! There's vinyl on the back with a slot opening for address labels, so I made up address labels for all the guests.

Originally Posted by beachesSB1412 View Post

Awesome!!!  Did you make your luggage tags yourself too?


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These are so cute.  I really like the water jugs and all the cute stickers/labels you made.

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