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Private Tours to Havana

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PRIVATE DAY TOUR TO HAVANA: A highlight of visiting Cuba


You will be going to Havana in a comfortable old American car accompanied by a tour guide and you will tour Old Havana and Modern Havana, and will get to see all its interesting sites, making of this day a highlight of your visit to Cuba

In Old Havana you will be touring all its famous squares and getting to see remarkable buildings dating back to the XVI to XIX Century:

Arms Square: The oldest square ever founded by the Spaniards in Latin America (1519).Surrounded by historic buildings such as: Palace of the General Captains ,former residency of the Spanish Governors of Cuba ; El Palacio del Segundo Cabo, residency of the Vice Governors of Cuba; El Templete , the small temple where the inauguration of the city took place and first mass. All have been turned into museums!

Cathedral Square: Founded in the XVIII Century and first known as Swamp Square. This beautiful square is surrounded by outstanding mansions, including the Cathedral of Havana, which was declared a National Monument. On one side is located the famous : Bodeguita del Medio, Hemingwayâ€s favorite bar for a Mojito. In the square it is possible to see the pets of the Baseball National Team roaming around.

Saint Francis of Assísi Square: Laid out in the XVIII Century, and famous for opening the doors to market and trading. Around the square you will be seeing the famous Chamber of the Commerce of Havana, The Saint Francis de Assísi church, and the Lions Fountain.

Capitol Building: Building that resembles the Congress in US, but located in the heart of Old Havana. Former seat of the House of Representatives, today, holds the 3 largest indoor statues of the world and a diamond on the floor marks the Number Zero,and the start of the National Highway. All distances in Cuba are measured from this point.

A stop at the Artisan Market for browsing and the opportunity to buy original arts and craft souvenirs .

For lunch, amazing restaurants with authentic Cuban cuisine places with reasonable prices will be recommended.

In the afternoon, you will be taken to visit Modern Havana: Once there you will get to visit:

The Revolution Square: Famous place related to the Revolution and its origin. The Seat of the Cuban Parliament, and from where hundreds of thousands are addressed by the Revolution Leader. Square surrounded by Ministries, including the Inner Affair Ministry that displays Che Guevara, and the Communication Ministry, displaying Camilo Cienfuegos; both regarded as top leaders of the Revolution

Seawall Drive Promenade : Generally known as the famous Malecón Habanero, along the 7 km long promenade, you will get to see itâ€s stylish residencies, mansions and modern buildings, getting acquainted with its history and development


Visit to a Rum and Cigar shop: Take this tour as an opportunity to get these items to bring back home as souvenirs that family and friends will appreciate.


Old American Cars are a great way to drive around the island: It is comfortable, stylish, and it is like traveling back in time through the streets of Havana. This is mostly regarded as private tour for 2, 3 or 4 people

The price is : 50 CUC per person, in case it is 2 people taking the tour.

The price is: 40 CUC per person, when it is 3 people taking the tour.

The price is: 30 CUC per person, when it is 4 people taking the tour.

Interested people Contact: Maibis Navarro

e.mail: maibisnavarro@umcc.cu



In case there is a larger group that wants to take the tour, contact me first for details of prices, and I will arrange a van capable of holding up to 11 people, which is the largest group that I can take.


You can customize your own tour. For this, you can contact me before hand and tell me what you would like to see and we make the arrangements  

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