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I want to see more!!! Those look great, and give a good idea of Rachael's style. My BF and I are still trying to nail down a date w/ her, but it's hard because we live about 1.5 hours from downtown and we are SO busy right now. My bach. party last weekend, and out of town weddings (including Vegas) this weekend and the next two! AAAAGGGHH!!

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They came out great! I will post more once I get the cd from Rachael...


Susan, I really think you should find a date to get them done. Even if you just put a powerpoint presentation for your dh and have him look at them that way. Rachael did a great job and didn't take offense to me making suggestions before and during the shoot. She was great and very reasonably priced!


I will be out of town for work next week but will post more once I get back home. Hope my dh dosen't open my mail when im gone, YIKES!

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