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New Package for Las Caletas

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#1 Mel

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    Posted 26 August 2007 - 11:40 AM

    I recently talked with the WC--Kelly at LC and found out they are offering a smaller package than the Deluxe for people who do not have a large guest list. It sounds much better than the intimate package as far as it being more personalized and private. Here is Kelly's e-mail to me about it.

    Here is the information on the Paradise Wedding Package that we discussed earlier today!!! Remember it is not advertised on the website as of yet, but should be by the beginning of the fall.

    For this package you would depart at approximately 3pm from our office in Puerto Vallarta on one of our beautiful Sailboats. We would have drinks and snacks on board for you to enjoy while you sail the bay. It would take you privately out to Las Caletas where you arrive at approximately 5pm. You would then have plenty of time to prepare for the ceremony at our very own hill top spa and bridal casita.

    At approximately 5:45 we would commence the ceremony directly on the beach.

    This would be a completely private ceremony as our regular Rhythms of the Night guests will not arrive for another hour and half. Following the ceremony you would have plenty of time for photographs, music and cocktails before retreating to a private terrace for dinner. Following dinner you would have the wonderful opportunity to attend the Rhythms of the Night show (along with other guests) or you may choose to simply enjoy additional cocktails, sparkling wine and music on your dinner terrace.

    Following the show, you would then have the option of either returning by private lancha or by catamaran with the other guests. Returning by catamaran can actually be quite fun as they do a bit of a show on board with music and dancing, etc, but of course you also have the option to return privately with your guests on the lancha. :) We don’t recommend taking the Sailboat back only because it will take another two hours to do so, so the private lancha or the Catamaran is a better option.

    Many folks ask me if I think the semi-private option is really worth it, and honestly, I do. I think that the extra time at Caletas and the private ceremony on the beach are the number one reasons. You won't feel rushed or crowded before, on or after the ceremony, which is a major plus, and it's a rare opportunity to be in a place like Las Caletas with such privacy for such a small group. The private terrace for dinner is also a nice plus.

    The price for this package has a planning fee of $2950.00 usd plus $50 usd per head.

    I will go ahead and attach a photo of the private lancha, and then here is the link to see the sailboats, Sailboat 1 is the smallest.

    Vallarta Adventures' Fleet of Sailboats in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

    I tried attaching a picture of the lancha but can't. Basically it is just a blow up boat with a canopy on it. It is not a boat that you can get up and walk around in while moving. If you want a picture pm me and I will get it to you.

    The only thing that this package does not include like the deluxe is that you have to pay to go over early. The bride can go for free but you have to pay $80 per additional person.

    Hope this helps for anyone who is wanting to do LC but has a small group and doesn't want to spend the extra money on a large package.

    #2 starchild



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      Posted 26 August 2007 - 11:47 AM

      I think that's awesome and very inexpensive! And I would take the sailboat back if I did it. The boat ride back for us was so fun we were all like "NO!" when we got back to the marina, so a 2 hour trip back would rock...lol.

      I'm pretty sure at all the night weddings you can go to Ryhthms of the Night but nobody did at ours. What a great new option, thanks for sharing :o)

      #3 JaimeLynne

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        Posted 26 August 2007 - 12:23 PM

        Thanks for sharing. I wonder how many people this can include?

        ~ Jaime & Martin ~
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        We had 24 people attend our wedding in Las Caletas, Mexico on May 24th, 2009!

        We all stayed at The Marriott in P.V., and Honeymooned at The Royal Plantation in Ochos Rios, Jamaica!

        #4 LCBride2007


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          Posted 26 August 2007 - 12:27 PM

          very interesting - sounds like a good option for some.

          #5 Mel

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            Posted 27 August 2007 - 10:20 AM

            I don't know how many people this package is good for. I do know that the largest sail boat they have is only good for 18 people. So I don't know if you have 18 people and then a few go over early and then you could have a few more people? That is something I need to ask because I have 18 people right now, but 5 of us are going over early.

            As for a long boat ride back...I don't know if it would be as much fun because on the sail boat they don't do the performances and it is kind of difficult to walk around alot, but I guess anything is possible and it completely depends on the crowd.

            #6 starchild



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              Posted 27 August 2007 - 10:23 AM

              Originally Posted by Mel

              As for a long boat ride back...I don't know if it would be as much fun because on the sail boat they don't do the performances and it is kind of difficult to walk around alot, but I guess anything is possible and it completely depends on the crowd.
              Yeah you're probably right. Although they didn't do performances on our boat we turned the top deck into a floating disco on the way back and time flies when you're partying so it went by soooo fast. On a sailboat I'm not sure that you can dance and stuff, but it still sounds really cool.

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