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Is it bad if your fiance sees your dress?

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Originally Posted by michelle08 View Post
I have this fear that my FI won't like my dress and he will be disappointed with how I look on my wedding day!!

I was thinking that when I begin to try them on...I will take pictures of course and show them to him and then see which ones he likes on me and then pick from those (providing I like it) and then just not show him which one I decided on.

This way I will know he likes it and yet it will still be a bit of a surprisehuh.gif
Good compromise!

I agree - it takes away some of the fun if your FI sees the dress ahead of time - especially if he sees it on you. So make sure you show him pics of either models in the dresses or the dresses by themselves!

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"THEY" say it's supposed to be bad luck.


But I'm superstitious. LOL.

So I will be hiding my dress at my mother's house when I order it so he can't see it!

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