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Jules' Pocket-Fold Invites w/ Pictures!!!

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Hey everyone,


Here is my thread for my formal invitations. They are called "pocket-fold" invites which I purchased from cardsandpockets.com! They are super affordable (best prices I could find!) and they shipped very fast! They are also easy to assemble. 


First, I designed the main invitation using Word. You can download all the templates off cardsandpockets.com so you make sure it will fit with the size of invitation you have ordered. Below you will see the first page which was printed on cream card stock and layered on green card stock. I used double sided tape to stick the layers together. 




Next, I created 4 different tiered effects for my invitations. A. Wedding Day B. Travel Itinerary C. RSVP and D. Information. 








I have to admit the tiered effect was difficult to do! They were supposed to send me them already pre-cut but unfortunatly they weren't. They had sent all the same length (the long ones) and I had to cut them myself. But once I figured it out it wasn't too difficult. 


And TA-DA, this is the final product:




Then I sealed the outside with a belly band and our initials and used a matching green envelope to seal them in! Let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to help! 




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those are adorable! great job! were they hard to put together?

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