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Things to include in your first draft wedding budget

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We considered every last tiny detail in our budget -- and still ended up over 25% after fine tuning all the details.


Here are the items we included -- some things which we had initially overlooked when first budgeting...



travel (if u can afford to prepay the deposit for 10 rooms up front, most agents will allow a group booking...then you may be able to get your room plus other perks or free....which could save u a few bucks)


photog overnight room fee (book at the beach hotel EARLY -- when they run a special)


bridal undergarments
cake topper

unity candle
bridesmaid jewelry

save the dates (u could email these to save $$ - and then send out an early invitation like a boarding pass or combo save the date/invite)

brides jewelry
cigars or cigar roller
wedding bands
grooms suit/shirt/tie/shoes
additional pp over 15
cocktail or extra hour 13pp
marriage cert
bridesmaid bouquets
groomsmen boutonniere
rose petals
fire show
generator (90 per hr)
seat cards
bridesmaid gifts
groomsmen gifts
mothers corsage

cards for bms and parents
babysitter for ceremony

kids activities

thank you cards


make a spreadsheet and start plugging in the numbers.... hope this helps!

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Managing within budget sounds logical, yet many couples end up spending more on their wedding than what they can afford. Unfortunately, it takes more than a budget worksheet or tracking tool to create a realistic budget or stay on the budget.  Wedding Wallet, an wedding financial planner (https://mytafi.com/WeddingWallet/weddingFinancialPlanner.htm) helps couples create a wedding budget (based on other users' budgets), check affordability of the budget and make a financial plan (reduce expenses, adjust goals) so they can have enough for their wedding by their wedding date.  The idea is let people adjust wedding expense in the broader life picture so the couples can understand tradeoff/impact of wedding expenses with other goals/expenses.

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you also have to look for hidden costs. for example a free/set wedding package may include a cake - but if you watn decoration (like fresh flowers) it could well cost extra


or they offer you a gazebo and chairs with bows...then suggest lovely extras that arent included (flower petals, extra arrangements etc). depends on the hotel of course but make sure you know exactly what is included and whether it fits in with your wedding day "vision" or if you need extras.also when you make a budget factor in a certain amount of contingency/emergency money for unexpected expenses. its better to have some left over, than to realise you want something or forget something and your budget is completely used up


good luck!

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Hello Ladies,


Nsousa I like your budget list and I will just add on to it, that remember having to focus on the 3 major things that eat up the budget, your wedding location,food and drinks and photographer,once you are sure of these costs you will pretty much have an idea as to where you heading with the total budget.


If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will be happy to answer.


Happy planning!


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