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Has anyone had experience with T&C butlers service, or are you planning on booking it also?


I just booked our June 2012 wedding, staying in the owner's penthouse 1 br suite which includes butler service.  This is not something that I'd do in my everyday life, lol, just want to make our wedding/honeymoon extra special. 


I'd love to hear anyone else's experiences with the butler service though!



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We also had a butler but at another resort.  We loved it and decided to splurge since it was our honeymoon.  Our butlers were incredible and came to the wedding and are now even our friends on facebook!  The thing they helped us with the most was dinner reservations.  Don't forget that this is the one area where tipping is allowed (and even expected).  The average is 20 dollars per butler per day.  You will have 2 butlers, so plan on an extra 40 dollars per day.  You can add this to your card at the end of your stay or leave them cash. 

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