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Pics of Beaches Sandy Bay & Negril Available

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YAY!! Thanks girls!! So glad you like them and I could help!! My FI has our camera in his car and is at work, but I promise I will get a hold of it and upload the other pics so I can share them with you (I should have done that forever ago anyway!!) I have so many fun ones not only of the resort, but of the island also that I know are going to make you even more excited than you already are!! In the meantime I am going to go on the facebooks of her and some of the other guests and see if I can snag some more good ones. Let's keep counting down!!!woot.gif

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I posted them directly on the thread... when I scroll up the page the are all just visible... are they not for you??

Originally Posted by heatheroconn View Post

I see your thread but how do I view the pictures?! Is there an icon I click on??


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Ok everybody I just snagged some more pics from her and her sis until I can find my own... I think you will like these... I will also try to describe them as I go so you aren't stuck going back and forth between posts... I'll  get the hang of it one of these times ;) Ok... here goes...


Table setting with BB theme... simple, elegant, and plenty. None of us paid attention to the table settings anyway... we were in paradise!!


BB table.jpg


Sorry it is blurry, but the bar they had set up for us...


bb bar.jpg


A semi pic of our room... awesome but for the double beds :(


beaches room.jpg


My beautiful best friend leading the way to dinner...


beaches dinner.jpg


Us all eating dinner after the reception in the "upstairs restaurant" (so sorry I can't remember the name)


beaches inside.jpg


Waterpark entrance


beaches waterpark.jpg




beaches lazy river.jpg


View of one of the pools :)


beaches pool view.jpg


Ok so the next few are from Rick's Cafe that I am begging you all to go to...


beaches ricks.jpg


Yea... that's her hubby taking the leap...


beaches ricks2.jpg


Rick's from the Catamaran Cruise later in the week...


beaches ricks from boat.jpg


Sunset from the pool and the cliff


beaches ricks pool.jpgbeaches ricks sunset.jpg



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OMG!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing. I can't wait to share your pics with a few others that are travelling with me and were curious.

The gazebo is totally awesome and I think will be perfect for my dress and heels. Thanks so much.

You guys looked great!!  Wow!!   48 Days for me!!

Did they write their own vows? I've been trying to decide if I should. Are there different types of vows to choose from or do they just use the traditional?

Did I mention your pictures are gorgeous?  lol   

Thanks again

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