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Symbolic versus Legal Ceremony

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Thanks mochamakes3 - this is very helpful and sounds relatively painless!

Originally Posted by mochamakes3 View Post

We had our legal wedding in Cancun two weeks ago. We paid the resort $300, this included our blood tests and the justice of the peace. We had to bring certified copies of our birth certificates, which we got from the provincial government where we were born, and our passports and tourist cards, which are given to you when you pass immigration. We supplied 4 witnesses who also had to bring passports and tourist cards. The resort photocopied everything and gave it right back. I don't know if they had to translate anything, but we were not charged anything extra. We were supposed to have everything done 3 business days in advance. We did provide all the names, addresses and nationalities in advance.


We haven't received our marriage certificate yet, but I have heard various opinions on getting them translated before being able to change names. I will just keep using the Spanish version to change my name until someone disallows it.


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