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Pictures of different areas at Moon Palace Hotel

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I'm so glad this thread was started! We also cannot afford to do a site visit, so this will be a HUGE help! We are having the Catholic ceremony, so we will be in the chapel, but I have been trying to figure out how to choose a location for the reception!!!


If anyone goes, would you take LOTS of pics of all the reception areas?? I also would love pics of each of the different sides. We are trying to decide on doing our room block in either Nizuc or Sunrise! 



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Ladies, I'm glad this thread is a help. When iciest startedon BDW there were very little pictures. So at the suggestion of alison15, I started the thread. Hopefully we canget more pictures in hopes of planning great weddings at MP.

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I have found more pictures of MP.  As I have gotten the pictures from this site, note that either the name or the location where the pictures was will be mentioned.  However; most people did not list what side (Sunrise, Nizuc or Grand) that the pictures were on.


 Aqua Ballroom (below)

Aqua Ballroom.jpg


Art Terrace (below)

Art Terrace.jpgArt Terrace 2.jpg


Venado Terrace (below)



Star Ballroom-Grand side (below)

Grand BallroomStar.jpg


Golf area (below)

Golf area.jpg


Nizuc Pool(Below)

Nizuc Pool.jpg


Tucan Terrace (below)

Tucan Terrace.jpg


Grand Rooms(below)

Grand Side.jpg


Hope this helps.


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I posted these on another thread, but I thought I would post them here too since the slide shows will contain pictures of different areas of MP! 


http://www.delsolphotography.com/vincentguihard/weddings/emily&dom/ (pics of Immaculate conception chapel)

http://www.mattadcock.com/weddings/gynnie&jude/ (#32 good pic of Tucan Gazebo)

http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=55 (#25-60 some good beach ceremony set up pics and pics of Tucan Terrace (I believe))

http://delsolphotography.com/blog/content/galleries/?gal=115 (this one has some good pics of the Immaculate Conception Chapel)


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