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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

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Very excited to see your pictures!!!


I have a question for all of you. I received an e-mail from the wedding coordinator there and in that e-mail it described how the 75+ bookeds night would mean free privates parties and free days. I look forward to that because then I can splurge more on decorations, gifts, and an all day excursion with my guests! But it also says you have to book directly with Palace Resorts to be able to get this. I will be using a travel agent...how will this work? Did any of you have issues with this? How were guests supposed to book their vacations??? I dont want the price per person to be outrageous for my guests either...I hope my heart will not be crushed with not being able to go here...this may be a deciding factor since it seems this hotel is a tad more expensive for guests than I had orginally thought. :-(

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