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Hey everyone


I have been so inspired by all the DIY projects on here. In October last year we sent out our invitations for our Nov. 18, 2011 wedding in Costa Rica. We did messages in a bottle for the official invitation along with a passport book of information and a boarding pass reply card. Everyone loved them.

Since we are booking a villa and handling the payments ourselves, we are sending out an update via brochure along with DIY luggage tags. Here are some pics.

The brochures I made on Photoshop and had them printed through Vista Print (just got them today and love how they turned out).

For the luggage tags I found images of different Costa Rica wildlife and printed them business card size on photo paper. I cut the images and glued a name tag to the back, printed on cardstock. I bought self-laminating business card sheets from Dollarama, eight for $1, and they turned out AMAZING. Very sturdy, I highly recommend using those for luggage tags. Then a tied them with different coloured gimp, also from the dollar store.

I also ordered thank you cards from Vista Print for free. The design is one of their ready to order ones of a starfish.

















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