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Murmel's Planning Journal **Pic and Template Heavy**

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Originally Posted by jszy10 View Post


How did you make your luggage tags!?!?!  I love the idea!  Did you have a pattern?

Thanks. No real pattern, but here are the instructions on how to make them:




The did take some work, but everyone loved them and used them. They all said it was really fun to be able to identify who was all coming to our wedding at the airport :) I ordered the address cards from Staples (regular business cards, I think we ordered them as packs of 20's)


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Hi Mariam,


I love love your booklet although I cant see what it looks like inside

Im stressing on how to do my booklet and wanted to ask you for some help.

I suck when it comes to making things on the computer and I need some help guiding me with it.


I cannot open the link that you have attached to it i don tknow why??


can you email me at alykay24@hotmail.com if you still have ur template for the booklet you made for the kids and for the oot bags for the adults, i think u said its your welcome booklet, the one u made the cover out of cardstock.



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