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Problems starting new thread: "Data Not found"

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We have had a few complaints of people having trouble starting a new thread.


if you have are having this problem can you post in this thread with the following information:



  • Which browser and operating system are you using right now? If you go to the "About" window, you'll see the browser name and a version number -- jot this down.
  • If you're using any browser add-ons (e.g., ad blocker, smart toolbar), does this bug occur if you turn them off?
  • Have you tried clearing your browser cookies? If you go into your Preferences, you should see an option for clearing cookies.
  • Try logging in and logging out of BestDestinationWedding.com. Does this problem persist?
  • Which page are you on when this error occurs? Instead of naming the thread or forum, copy the link for the specific page from your browser and paste into a reply to this message.
  • Are you using a brand-new browser like Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 4? If you can, use IE8 or Firefox 3, as these work better with our site than IE8 and FF4, which were released a few weeks ago.
  • Finally, do these problem occur when you surf this site using the Google Chrome browser? We receive the fewest complaints and questions from members who use Chrome, so let us know if that works for you.





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I had this issue when I tried to post a new thread in ANY forum topic.  No matter if I used Firefox or Google Chrome.  I finally gave up, shut down my laptop, and went to bed.  This afternoon I was able to post without any kind of error.


The error I kept receiving was when I clicked on submit, the thread looked like it was processing, then a box popped up that said "No Data Found".  All I could do was exit out.


Hope this helps a little in trying to figure out what the glitch was.

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