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tammi 2012

zoetry...any suggestions?

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Hello Everyone! 

I am a total newbie (this is my first post) so forgive me if this isn't in the right spot...We are looking into Zoetry for our wedding...I emailed the resort (Paraiso) but haven't heard back! 

I am curious about how I am reading they charge per person for the wedding (eek!) is there anyway around that? If it is an all inclusive that doesn't seem to be fair or make sense! But I suppose they can do what they want! 

I don't want my guests to be bonked over the head in costs, however I am looking for something super unique...I suppose I am in a goos post here on the forum! 

xo thanks everyone! Congrats to all of you :) 

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Hi Everyone,


Just wanted to say thank you for creating this thread!~
I just joined recently and is looking at Zoetry as well, but with the information I'm reading it might be way out of budget - maybe not for my fiancé and I, but definitely for my guests.

From what I understand, it would cost around $1600 for a week per person at Zoetry!
And we're also flying from all over the world, so the cost of the plane ticket makes it even more pricey...wow this is kind of dissappointing!


Since Dreams was affiliated with Zoetry we might consider that as a second option, but what are everyone's thoughts about Dreams vs. Zoetry in terms of what one is paying for price (wedding, guest accommodations etc)?


Are there any other suggestions to consider for an AI resort comparable to Zoetry (minus the high costs!) ?



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