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Kool Beach Club - Food/Menu

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Thanks for the mini review!

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This will be quick, I am at work :)

But wanted to get this up until I write my full wedding review.


My wedding was on May 21st.  We had the Mexician menu.  It was awesome!  Everyone is still talking about the soup, I believe it was called Poblana.  Salads were great.  We chose the chicken fajitas, I don't remember which beef and the fish in coriander sauce.    I can't eat tomatoes and they has a salad waiting for me, how nice is that? 


They prepared us a signature drink which we had waiting for everyone when they arrived.  When we asked to create one, they must have made 7-10 for us to try. I left a little tipsy from the tasting :)


Service was great, no one ever had to wait for anything.  My dad even seemed to have his own personal waiter. 


Overall the service was amazing.  They let us keep the bar open for an extra hour when everyone still wanted to party.  My dad really doesn't like much of anything. My parents have been together for 40 years.  My mom has never seen my dad dance... here, he was on the dance floor all night.  He wished my brother and sister luck on topping it :)


It is the perfect venue!  I can't say enough good things about it.


Happy to answer any questions.

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I don't have a wedding planner and I am wondering if it is expensive to have a planner? Does anyone mind telling me how much it cost for a planner? I am having approximately 35 people for my wedding next year. I have been researching venues for ever it seems like and I think doing it at a beach club might be a better plan for me since I won't all the restrictions that come with booking with some hotel properties. I am wondering you had to spend a lot of money on decoration? Would you please some pictures of the rooftop? Does the club closes for private event I am assuming yes but you just never know.


Thank you!

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I'm sooo glad to hear all those good things about Kool and their food!!  We've never been there so we're a little scared about making this decision by a word description.  Anyways, we're looking to get married there in May 2012, but were wondering if you think a private wedding planner is necessary.  We have contacted a couple but never thought they would be so expensive.  We are trying to cut our costs in what ever we can so we were thinking if it is good enough to use the planner that Kool provides.  Since some of you have already gotten married or have gotten further through the process then me, do you guys recommend us really getting another wedding planner?  If so, which one do you recommend?  Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

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planner cost, depends from what you need. 1 day planning is 400 to 500usd whereas a full planning goes from 1200 to 1800. ALso a wedding planner can help u w:


  1. -Planning of the wedding, including reception, rehearsal dinner (if any) and ceremony
  2. -  Guarantee 3  pre- wedding meetings with future bride and groom in Playa to check  details
    1. Help determine best menu, entertainment and all services regarding the wedding 
    2. Decorate the place of ceremony with help from flower consultant and decorator (at clients†requests and cost)
    3. Supervise meetings with our photo, hair, video and flowers†experts
    4. Assist in bring about best prices for menu, entertainment and other services regarding wedding
  3. · Complete wedding day coordination
  4. · Direction of ceremony procession 
  5. · Delivery of all wedding day accessories previously shipped to Playa (if any)
  6. · Assist with programs, floral, décor, and favor placement (if any)
  7. · Greet vendors and oversee the assembly of both ceremony and provide the itinerary
  8. · Discuss reception activities with vendors involved and provide itinerary
  9. · Gathering of wedding party and family members for pictures
  10. · Cue the members of DJ or band  throughout the wedding day activities  
  11. · Organize bridal party flowers and pin boutonnieres
  12. ·   Freshen up make-up throughout the event
  13. · Orchestrate the Grand Entrance and Exit
  14. · Gather gifts, toasting flutes, cake utensils, guest book, and portrait, and all other wedding day accessories belonging to the client

so it is pretty handy.

Any time u need a word or advice, i am here for you, 


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