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Little Princess

"Tipping" Etiquette

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For me, tipping is a matter of great etiquette that I'm not fully sure on. And if that's the case for me, I'm sure that it is for other people too! So I'd like this to be a place for people to ask their tipping questions, or people to give advice on what to do (or not to do!).


My question is about tipping the marriage commissioner, specifically for if you're having your legal wedding at home (and even more specifically, if it's in BC Canada!). I've heard some say that you tip them (but never mention how much) and others say that it's actually rude to tip the commissioner, instead give them a bottle of wine or something. Soooo...help?!


I hope this thread can be of use to people, I know I overthink things, but I'd hate to feel I was offending people on my wedding day :)

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Hi Little Princess!

Thank you so much for posting this. The lady who will be performing our civil ceremony in Vancity mentioned that is customary to tip but of course she didn't say what amount was customary. I am wondering what is an appropriate tip myself. Any help would be appreciated!



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