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mugs, vinyl luggage tag holders, vinyl credit/debit card holders, rice paper votives, etc.

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I am doing pre-wedding cleaning and these are things I've changed my mind/colors on. Everything is new!


50 (2 boxes of 25) stainless steel mugs from discouintmugs - paid $106 - will sell each box for $40 or both for $75 plus shipping (each box weighs 15 lbs.) Pictured are mugs with purple trimm these have black trim




100 vinyl luggage tag holders - paid $12 - will sell for $8 plus shipping




50 clear luggage tag loops - paid $12 - will sell for $8 plus shipping




50 (2 packages of 25) vinyl credit/debit card holders - paid $9 per package - will sell for each package for $6.50 or both for $12 plus shipping




This is what I was planning on making with them but don't have the patience!




Set of 12 Chartreuse Green Damask Print Rice Paper Votives  - paid $38 - will sell for $25 plus shipping




Hibiscus beach safe containers - paid $9 - will sell for $5 plus shipping




Two wicker OOT bags - paid $5 for both - will take shipping charges only






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