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Azul Beach Hotel - POST HERE!

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#251 KaelaMcD

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    Posted 08 February 2013 - 09:00 AM

    Originally Posted by girltravel77 

    Thanks for the layout suggestions Amanda (it's weird my WC didn't offer to send the same thing)!  At least you will get to be in the Blue Terrace – your # is so close, it's a bummer how unaccommodating they can be about some things.


    Can someone please tell me what the maximum # of guests is at the Blue Terrace?  My #’s keep creeping upward and I want to know if I am going to reach the max for that venue.


    Karyc, I’ll have to ask the same question, I didn’t even think about that!  Maybe if you stay in the lobby for your meeting with the DJ they won’t charge the fee?  Not that that is very comfortable or convenient…Which DJ did you hire?  DJ Dorremixx?


    Would any of you mind sharing your day-of timelines?  I had thought the resort would take care of this, but they said they don’t typically put together a set timeline.





    Originally Posted by karyc 

    Yes, I actually asked if we can just stay in the lobby. Still haven't heard back....the nickel-and-diming gets really frustrating the closer you get to the wedding (especially when you're talking hundreds of dollars and not nickels and dimes)....and this is one thing that I feel like fighting about on principle. I'm so irritated!


    I posted a response yesterday...but it's not here, so sorry if it eventually gets posted and this is redundant.


    girltravel77-I was told 60 is the max in Blue Terrace as well. As far as a timeline goes, the on-site coordinators absolutely help you with that. Some of the events (ceremony, dinner, dancing etc.) is on your contract, but all the other day of details they will help you coordinate. When you have your meeting with them, they literally go over every single detail (like hair appt, photographer arrival, etc.). Part of their job is to keep everyone on schedule the day of the wedding, so they definitely help with the planning. They don't pre-set everything weeks in advance, but they go over the timeline with you, and offer advice and suggestions about what will work best.


    karyc-The lobby is actually a great place to have a meeting. It's beautiful, quiet and spacious with lots of little seating areas. Hopefully they'll let that go...the nickel and diming can be ridiculous...


    From my experience, it was a lot easier to work with the on-site coordinators, than trying to plan some of the more minor details with Lomas. That was incredibly hard for me, as I'm a bit of a control freak! They went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect. For example, I asked Lomas for a mic stand for my cousin who was playing guitar for the ceremony. They said they charge would be $90. For a mic stand. For less than half an hour. Ridic! Because of the price, I said forget it, and did not add it to my contract. However, I asked the coordinator's on-site, and they said it was no problem at all and didn't charge me a dime. I think the communication is tough with planners in Miami, instead of the ones who are actually at the resort. So, just keep that in mind with some of the smaller details. :-)

    #252 girltravel77

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      Posted 08 February 2013 - 01:09 PM

      karyc - I was told we could meet with our DJ in the lobby, so it shouldn't be a problem for you.  They also confirmed 70 max would be ok, so I have a good buffer.  Phew!


      Kaela - I'm so glad to know that they will help with the timeline!  Sounds like good advice to go through the onsite coordinators for as much as possible too!


      Amanda - thanks for the sample timeline.  It gives me a good idea of what to think about and how long to alot for each thing.  =)

      #253 Amanda Hammett

      Amanda Hammett
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        Posted 18 February 2013 - 02:25 PM

        What are the other choices for a private reception for a party of approximately 45 people?  I am booked for the Blue Terrace but I have to pay for 50 people regardless.  Just curious what are my other options.  :)  Thank you!

        #254 girltravel77

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          Posted 19 February 2013 - 05:34 PM

          Hi Amanda,


          Other options I am aware of are the wave lounge or on the beach at playa chil.  I'm not sure if there are minimum requirements for the ballroom or sky deck.

          #255 asposeep

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            Posted 21 February 2013 - 02:45 PM

            Does anyone have ideas for what they are putting in their welcome bags? I have been putting WAY too much thought into this and have some ideas but am anxious to pick people's brains...I'm hoping to keep them relatively inexpensive but I'm not sure that's possible at this point :) 


            #256 Lyman

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              Posted 22 February 2013 - 11:00 AM

              Congrats asposeep! and welcome to the forum :) have you checked out these OOT pages? lots of info there to help you out........all the best with your research, plans and have an Amazing Wedding Day !!! 

              #257 asposeep

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                Posted 22 February 2013 - 01:03 PM

                Thanks Lyman!! Extremely helpful!!! 

                #258 CDC-SRW

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                  Posted 22 February 2013 - 03:31 PM

                  Past Azul Beach Brides....


                  We are going to Azul Beach for a Brides Dress Rehersal in a little under two weeks, and I'm sure they'll know the answer to this when we get down there, but my curiosity is killing me and my FI.


                  Does anyone know if AzB offers a light up dance floor for a possible outdoor reception we would like to plan? We have seen this in photos taken but can not find any information on them.


                  Thanks in advance,

                  Candace and Steve

                  #259 Ashley Lovlin

                  Ashley Lovlin
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                    Posted 22 February 2013 - 11:07 PM

                    Yes they do have one. I think it is only white lit up, but I didn't ask specifically as I just wanted to know how much they charged (the DJ we hired is bringing one). They quoted me 1000.00!!


                    On another note...

                    We are going to be using glass bottles of coke as a favor/escort card (my fiance LOVES coca cola!) and I was just wondering if anybody has any cute quotes or sayings that we could put on the tag. And has anyone else used drinks in bottles for escort cards? I'm wondering how we should have them displayed. Should they already have the caps off? Or on to keep the fizz? Should they be on ice? I know I always appreciate cold pop but I'm worried about the condensation mess  We have a small group coming, around 30, so it shouldn't take long for people to grab them and be seated but I still have to analyze every detail  I was also thinking that since the group is so small and we will only have 3 tables (apparently that is the only setup available at Chil Terrace) is it even worth it to have escort cards? Would it be better to just have them at the place settings? Any insight and advice would be great! Thanks 

                    #260 gillianr718

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                      Posted 24 February 2013 - 03:17 PM

                      Hi All!  I'm getting married at Azul beach on Sunday April 14.  I know there is another wedding on 4/13 and I thought I saw that the person posted somewhere on BDW.  Let me know if you're out there!  

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